You asked: What is the function of DriverManager class in Java?

What is the function of DriverManager class?

The DriverManager class is the traditional management layer of JDBC, working between the user and the drivers. It keeps track of the drivers that are available and handles establishing a connection between a database and the appropriate driver.

What does DriverManager getConnection do?

The getConnection(String url, Properties info) method of Java DriverManager class attempts to establish a connection to the database by using the given database url. The appropriate driver from the set of registered JDBC drivers is selected. Properties are implementation-defined as to which value will take precedence.

What is the use of DriverManager class MCQS?

DriverManager: Manages a list of database drivers. Driver: The database communications link, handling all communication with the database.

What is the use of connection class in Java?

The Java Class Connector service lets you access and manipulate Java classes and objects. Accessing Java Class objects is achieved by selecting the required objects, such as Instance Methods, Instance Variables, Static Methods, or Static Variables, and receiving the returns from each.

What is true DriverManager?

Explanation. JDBC DriverManager is a class that manages a list of database drivers. It matches connection requests from the java application with the proper database driver using communication subprotocol. … A – JDBC driver is an interface enabling a Java application to interact with a database.

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What is use of getConnection () method?

getConnection() method. This method creates a Connection object, which is used to create SQL statements, send them to the Informix database, and process the results. The DriverManager class tracks the available drivers and handles connection requests between appropriate drivers and databases or database servers.

Is getConnection () method static?

In JDBC when you need to get a connection, you have to load a class Driver first. You do it via invocation of Class. forName . Then to get connection you have to invoke a static method getConnection .

What is Savepoint in Java?

A Savepoint object is used to mark intermediate point within the current transaction. After setting a savepoint, the transaction can be rolled back to that savepoint without affecting preceding work. … setSavepoint() method is used to set a savepoint object within the current transaction.

Which of the following is a type 1 driver?

Type 1 − JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver

In a Type 1 driver, a JDBC bridge is used to access ODBC drivers installed on each client machine. Using ODBC, requires configuring on your system a Data Source Name (DSN) that represents the target database.

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