Which settings need to be configured for a new Azure SQL Server?

How do I create a SQL Server Azure database?

Under SQL databases, leave Resource type set to Single database, and select Create. On the Basics tab of the Create SQL Database form, under Project details, select the desired Azure Subscription. For Resource group, select Create new, enter myResourceGroup, and select OK. For Database name, enter mySampleDatabase.

How do I enable SQL Server in Azure?

Go to your Azure portal

  1. 1> Login to Azure Portal.
  2. 2> We will first create an Azure SQL Database logical server.
  3. 3> Click on New, type SQL Database and then click SQL Database (new logical server)
  4. 4> On the new window, click SQL Database (new logical server).
  5. 5> In the new slider windwo that opens, click Create.

What version of SQL Server does Azure use?

Azure SQL Database is based on the latest stable version of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. You can use advanced query processing features, such as high-performance in-memory technologies and intelligent query processing.

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How do I install SQL Server on Azure?

To summarise:

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal.
  2. Add a new Azure SQL resource.
  3. Choose the SQL virtual machine deployment option.
  4. Enter the settings for the VM and the SQL Server instance.
  5. Deploy the VM and SQL Server.

Is Azure SQL Database Iaas or PaaS?

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a relational database-as-a-service, which falls into the industry category Platform as a Service (PaaS). Azure SQL Database is built on standardized hardware and software that is owned, hosted, and maintained by Microsoft.

Is SQL Server free on Azure?

Azure SQL Database runs on the stable version of Microsoft SQL Server database engine. If we follow the Microsoft Docs tutorial on how to create an Azure SQL Database, there is no free tier available. The least tier is basic with approximately $5 US Dollar per month.

What is the difference between availability set and availability zone?

However, there is a distinct difference. While availability sets are used to protect applications from hardware failures within an Azure data center, availability zones, protect applications from complete Azure data center failures. An availability zone is a unique physical location that exists within an Azure region.

What is SQL always on in Azure?

SQL Server Always On Availability Groups (Azure Iaas) Always On AGs are SQL Server’s high availability and disaster recovery (DR) technology. Always On Availability Groups (AGs) provide database-level high availability (HA) with automatic failover for user databases.

How does Azure availability set work?

An availability set is a logical grouping of VMs that allows Azure to understand how your application is built to provide for redundancy and availability. We recommended that two or more VMs are created within an availability set to provide for a highly available application and to meet the 99.95% Azure SLA.

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What is the difference between Azure and SQL Server?

In SQL server, databases are the only entity on the database server, but in SQL Azure, a single database can host databases from different customers. In other words, Azure SQL is multitenant and shares its physical resources with all clients who use that service.

What is the difference between SQL and Azure?

Azure SQL Database offers Database-as-a-service (DBaaS-PaaS). With SQL Database, you don’t have access to the machines that host your databases. In contrast, Azure Virtual Machine offers Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Running SQL Server on an Azure VM is similar to running SQL Server in a On-Premise datacenter.

What is the latest Azure SQL Database Version?

Versions and Compatibility

Product Database Engine version Compatibility Level
SQL Server 2019 15 150
Azure SQL Database 12 150
Azure SQL Database Managed Instance 12 150
SQL Server 2017 14 140
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