What is test case in SQL?

How do you write a test case for SQL queries?

Procedure: How to Test the SQL From the SQL Statement

  1. Right-click the SQL object and click SQL Statement. The Select Statement dialog box opens, as shown in the following image. …
  2. Click the Test SQL Statement button in the upper-right corner. The Test SQL Statement dialog box shows a sample of the data.

What is database test cases?

Database Testing is a type of software testing that checks the schema, tables, triggers, etc. of the Database under test. It also checks data integrity and consistency. It may involve creating complex queries to load/stress test the Database and check its responsiveness.

How do you write test cases for stored procedures?

A typical SQL unit testing scenario is as follows:

  1. Create a database object to meet some business requirement.
  2. Create a SQL unit test to check the database object.
  3. Run SQL unit test to check the database object does the job or not.
  4. If the test is passed then move on to the next SQL unit test.

How do you test a database query?

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Use an isolated database for unit testing (e.g. No other test runs or activity)
  2. Always insert all the test data you intend to query within the same test.
  3. Write the tests to randomly create different volumes of data e.g. random number of inserts say between 1 and 10 rows.
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How do I test SQL queries online?

How to test MySQL queries online?

  1. Enter your SQL query in the editor, finally click on “Run” to execute it. The query result will be displayed below the editor .
  2. You can also run only one query entered in the editor. …
  3. If you want to export the results in csv format, click on “Export”.

Why SQL is used in testing?

Connect to the database using different SQL connection clients. Understand the relationship between database tables, keys, and indices. Write a simple select or SQL statement along with more complex join queries. Interpret more complex queries.

How can we test stored procedure?

The Stored Procedure Test tool (SP Test tool) makes the testing of stored procedures easier. It enables you to test various input values for a stored procedure, see the results, and optionally create test scripts without having to write COBOL code to invoke the stored procedure.

How do I test a procedure in PL SQL?

The third section is easy to create, simply open the Test or Debug dialog of the PL/SQL Procedure. An EXCEPTION variable is declared on line 22 below.

Writing a Unit Test

  1. Describe unit test.
  2. DELETE and INSERT test data.
  3. Initialize and call the PL/SQL Procedure.
  4. Assert test results and record the results.

What is pgTAP?

pgTAP is a unit testing framework for PostgreSQL written in PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL. It includes a comprehensive collection of TAP-emitting assertion functions, as well as the ability to integrate with other TAP-emitting test frameworks. It can also be used in the xUnit testing style.

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