What is data type for gender in mysql?

What is the data type for gender?

Categorical data represents characteristics. Therefore it can represent things like a person’s gender, language etc. Categorical data can also take on numerical values (Example: 1 for female and 0 for male).

What is a data type in MySQL?

A Data Type specifies a particular type of data, like integer, floating points, Boolean, etc. … In MySQL, each database table has many columns and contains specific data types for each column. We can determine the data type in MySQL with the following characteristics: The type of values (fixed or variable) it represents.

How do databases store gender?

Some suggests storing it in INT is better, but other suggests TINYINT and Enum , But some others suggests store it in a CHAR(1) M for Male and F For Female.

How do you use gender in SQL?

Syntax: CREATE TABLE pets( ID INT NOT NULL, Name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, Breed VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, Age INT, GENDER VARCHAR(9), PRIMARY KEY(ID), check(GENDER in (‘Male’, ‘Female’, ‘Unknown’)) ); Note: The check constraint in the above SQL command restricts the GENDER to belong to only the categories specified.

What is data type varchar?

The VARCHAR data type is the IBM® Informix® implementation of a character varying data type. … The ANSI standard data type for varying-length character strings is CHARACTER VARYING. The size of the maximum size (m) parameter of a VARCHAR column can range from 1 to 255 bytes.

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What are the five data types?

Data types

  • String (or str or text). Used for a combination of any characters that appear on a keyboard, such as letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Character (or char). Used for single letters.
  • Integer (or int). Used for whole numbers.
  • Float (or Real). …
  • Boolean (or bool).

What are the 3 categories of MySQL data types?

In MySQL there are three main data types: string, numeric, and date and time.

What is data types with examples?

A string, for example, is a data type that is used to classify text and an integer is a data type used to classify whole numbers. … When a programming language allows a variable of one data type to be used as if it were a value of another data type, the language is said to be weakly typed.

Is gender Boolean or character?

However, any character, whether text, number, special or control, can be stored in this data type. Any piece of information that can have two and only two choices should be declared as data type Boolean. For example, GENDER should be Boolean because there are only two choices.

How do you declare a gender in Java?

First of all, in your if statements, you’re assigning the value of f and m to gender with a single = operator. You need to do if (gender == true) or if (gender == false). Also, I recommend having true represent male or female and false represent the other gender.

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