Question: What does $this mean in PHP?

What does $this mean in OOP PHP?

$this is a reserved keyword in PHP that refers to the calling object. It is usually the object to which the method belongs, but possibly another object if the method is called statically from the context of a secondary object. … This is because in PHP $this is treated as a pseudo-variable.

What is the use of $this in PHP?

$this is reference to a PHP Object that was created by the interpreter for you, that contains an array of variables. If you call $this inside a normal method in a normal class, $this returns the Object (the class) to which that method belongs. It’s possible for $this to be undefined if the context has no parent Object.

What does this mean in PHP -> or =>?

-> is used to call a method, or access a property, on the object of a class. => is used to assign values to the keys of an array. And since PHP 7.4+ the operator => is used too for the added arrow functions, a more concise syntax for anonymous functions.

What does => mean in PHP?

=> is the separator for associative arrays. In the context of that foreach loop, it assigns the key of the array to $user and the value to $pass .

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Is PHP an ooo?

Yes, the latest versions of PHP are object oriented. That is, you can write classes yourself, use inheritance, and where appropriate, the built in functionality is built in objects too (like MySQL features).

Is PHP a dead language?

PHP isn’t quite dead, but it isn’t fully alive either — not in an independent manner like JavaScript is currently in the development ecosystem. … With PHP being an integral part of a content creation ecosystem, it is unlikely to disappear in a year or two or any time soon.

Which software is used in PHP?

NetBeans, the most widely used PHP IDE for PHP application development. This tool comes with all the rich features, which supports multiple languages. NetBeans was initially used for Java development, but the current version of this tool is lightweight, faster as well as supportive for PHP development services.

What is difference between self and this?

The self and this are two different operators which are used to represent current class and current object respectively. self is used to access static or class variables or methods and this is used to access non-static or object variables or methods.

Is equal to in PHP?

PHP Comparison Operators

Operator Name Result
== Equal Returns true if $x is equal to $y
=== Identical Returns true if $x is equal to $y, and they are of the same type
!= Not equal Returns true if $x is not equal to $y
<> Not equal Returns true if $x is not equal to $y
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What is the use of Print_r in PHP?

The print_r() function is a built-in function in PHP and is used to print or display information stored in a variable.

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