How do you check if a row is empty in Excel using Java POI?

How do you check if a row is empty in Excel using Java?

The most important method is isRowEmpty(Row row) , which takes a single excel row object as an argument and detects whether the row is empty or not. If row is empty we simply skip it rather than extracting the cell value.

How do you check a cell is empty in Excel using Java?

Based upon your advice i am now using for loop:

  1. String rollNo=null;
  2. for ( row = 8; row < totalNoOfRows; row++) {
  3. rollNo = sh.getCell(col, row).getContents();
  4. boolean isEmpty = rollNo == null || rollNo.trim().length() == 0;
  5. if (isEmpty) {
  6. break;
  7. }
  8. System.out.println(“rollNo” + rollNo);

How do you read from Excel in Java using poi?

JDK does not provide a direct API to read or write Microsoft Excel or Word documents.

Download and add the following jar files in the lib folder:

  1. commons-collections4-4.1. jar Click Here.
  2. poi-3.17. jar Click Here.
  3. poi-ooxml-3.17. jar Click Here.
  4. poi-ooxml-schemas-3.17. jar Click Here.
  5. xmlbeans-2.6. jar Click Here.
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How do I delete blank rows in Excel using poi?

Cells methods to delete empty rows and columns:

  1. To delete blank rows, use the Cells. deleteBlankRows() method.
  2. To delete blank columns, use the Cells. deleteBlankColumns() method.

What is getPhysicalNumberOfRows?


Returns the number of physically defined rows (NOT the number of rows in the sheet) This method will ignore empty rows, e.g. if a sheet last row is at row 7, but second row is empty, getPhysicalNumberOfRows() will return 6.

What is XSSFWorkbook in Java?

XSSFWorkbook. It is a class that is used to represent both high and low level Excel file formats. It belongs to the org. apache. xssf.

What are the jar files required to execute the Excel handling code?

Excel file can be read by Java IO operation. For that, we need to use Apache POI Jar. There are two kinds of a workbook in Excel file, XLSX and XLS files. POI has different Interfaces Workbook, Sheet, Row, Cell.

How do I write large data in Excel sheet using Java POI?

2) Create excel workbook object using SXSSFWorkbook instead of XSSFWorkbook and create new row using SXSSFRow when the data is not empty.

It requires:

  1. poi-ooxml-3.8. jar,
  2. poi-3.8. jar,
  3. poi-ooxml-schemas-3.8. jar,
  4. stax-api-1.0. jar,
  5. xml-apis-1.0. b2. …
  6. xmlbeans-2.3. jar,
  7. commons-codec-1.5. jar,
  8. dom4j-1.6.

Can Java read Excel files?

Although it is not an opened file format, Java applications can still read and write Excel files using the Apache POI – the Java API for Microsoft Documents, because the development team uses reverse-engineering to understand the Excel file format. Hence the name POI stands for Poor Obfuscation Implementation.

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How do I write a particular cell value in Excel?

Here are the basic steps for writing an Excel file:

  1. Create a Workbook.
  2. Create a Sheet.
  3. Repeat the following steps until all data is processed: Create a Row. Create Cellsin a Row. Apply formatting using CellStyle.
  4. Write to an OutputStream.
  5. Close the output stream.

How do I open an existing Excel file in Java?

Steps to Open Existing Excel Sheet in Java, in eclipse

  1. Create a JAVA Maven project.
  2. Create a class in javaResource folder. import; import; import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFWorkbook; public class GFG { …
  3. Run the code as java aplication.
  4. Finish.
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