How do I send a ZIP file in response node JS?

How do I send a ZIP file in response?


  1. Find the file or folder you want to zip on your computer (desktop, h drive, flash drive, etc.)
  2. Press and hold or right-click on the file or folder (to select multiple files, hold down the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard and click on each file you wish to zip)
  3. Select “send to”
  4. Select “Compressed (zipped) folder”

How do I zip a node js file?

How to read and create zip files in nodejs

  1. npm install jszip. npm install jszip.
  2. var fs = require(“fs”); var JSZip = require(“jszip”); …
  3. [ ‘file-monitor.js’, ‘file-set.js’, …
  4. { files: { ‘file-monitor.js’: …
  5. files = Object. keys(zip. …
  6. // Get additional details for the file ‘file-monitor.js’ …
  7. // read a zip file. …
  8. // read a zip file.

How do I send a ZIP file as a link?

Find the file(s) on your computer that you want to compress. Select multiple files at once to send them to the same . zip folder by holding down the CTRL key as you select the files. Once you have selected the file(s), right-click on the selection and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder.

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How do I text a zip file?

Zip Files Using the Send To Menu

  1. Select the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to compress. …
  2. Right-click on the file or folder (or group of files or folders), then point to Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  3. Name the ZIP file.

How can I compress a file to send in email?

Locate the file or folder that you want to zip. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location.

What if my ZIP file is too large to email?

If your file is too large to email as an attachment, even after it’s zipped, WinZip can upload your file to one of your cloud accounts and place a link in your email.

How do I download a zip file?

To download a ZIP file, click on a link to it; this will prompt your browswer to ask you if you would like to open or save the file. Select Save. The IE , Safari, and Opera Web browsers will bring up a second dialog box asking you where on your computer you would like to save the file.

How do I install Jszip?


  1. With npm : npm install jszip.
  2. With bower : bower install Stuk/jszip.
  3. With component : component install Stuk/jszip.
  4. Manually : download JSZip and include the file dist/jszip.js or dist/jszip.min.js.

How do I find the URL of a zip file?

How to Create a Zip Download Link

  1. Right-click on any blank space on your computer desktop.
  2. Choose “New” then “Compressed (Zipped) Folder.” A new folder appears.
  3. Right click on the folder name and choose “Rename.” Type a unique filename for your ZIP file.
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How do you upload a file as a link?

Click on the Upload File icon in your Content Editor Toolbar.

  1. Select your file from your computer or the Media Library in your account. …
  2. Add Link Text for the file and click Save. …
  3. Your article text will be updated to include your link text which links directly to your file.
  4. Click Save to save the changes to your article.

How do I send a file as a link?

From your email, click on Insert, then Pick HyperLink (or hit Control+K on your Keyboard) – From here you can Pick a file, then a folder and hit ok. Once you hit OK, the link will appear in the email. Be sure the recipient has access to the linked folder.

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