How do I return JSON data to AJAX?

Does AJAX return JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, it is a data-interchange format which is also been used to passing data from the server. … You couldn’t directly return an array from AJAX, it must have converted in the valid format.

Can we send JSON in AJAX?

ajax({ url: , type: “POST”, data: {students: JSON. stringify(jsonObjects) }, dataType: “json”, beforeSend: function(x) { if (x && x. overrideMimeType) { x. overrideMimeType(“application/j-son;charset=UTF-8”); } }, success: function(result) { //Write your code here } });

How do I return a JSON file?

3 Answers

  1. Read the file as a string.
  2. Parse it as a JSON object into a CLR object.
  3. Return it to Web API so that it can be formatted as JSON (or XML, or whatever)

How pass JSON data to AJAX to controller?

Posting JSON Data to an MVC Controller via Ajax

  1. Go ahead and enter your First and Last name, and select your favorite bands:
  2. Now set a break point on the PersonController on both the BadSave and the GoodSave actions and click the Bad Submit and Good Submit buttons in the UI.

How do I return an AJAX call?

You can store your promise, you can pass it around, you can use it as an argument in function calls and you can return it from functions, but when you finally want to use your data that is returned by the AJAX call, you have to do it like this: promise. success(function (data) { alert(data); });

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How do I know if AJAX response is JSON?

jQuery auto-detects the dataType:

If the response is JSON, a properly behaving application would set the Content-Type to application/json. So all you have to do, if the server is well-behaving, is to test if the Content-Type header in the response starts with application/json.

What is JSON Stringify in Ajax call?

A common use of JSON is to exchange data to/from a web server. When sending data to a web server, the data has to be a string. Convert a JavaScript object into a string with JSON. stringify() .

What is the difference between JSON and AJAX?

The main difference between AJAX and JSON is that AJAX is a set of various technologies, which are used to launch asynchronous HTTP requests to a server using various data formats, such as JavaScript, XML, HTML, plain text or even JSON. JSON is a format which can be used by AJAX for data exchange.

What is JSON format?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a standard text-based format for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It is commonly used for transmitting data in web applications (e.g., sending some data from the server to the client, so it can be displayed on a web page, or vice versa).

Can ActionResult return json?

Json inherits ActionResult so it is still a valid return type. Same thing for redirect actions, view actions and so on. You can update your method to explicitly return a fixed result, or leave it as ActionResult and the method can adapt to send different response types depending on its logic.

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How do I return a JSON object to a REST web service?

Create RESTEasy Web Service to Produce JSON with @BadgerFish

Now create a class whose methods will be exposed to the world as web service. Use JBoss @BadgerFish annotation that supports to return response as JSON. To return JSON as response we need to use media type as application/json.

How do I return a json file in Python?

In Python dictionary is used to get its equivalent JSON object.


  1. Import module.
  2. Create a Function.
  3. Create a Dictionary.
  4. Convert Dictionary to JSON Object Using dumps() method.
  5. Return JSON Object.
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