How do I print an entire table in SQL?

How do I print all records in SQL?

Print all row values from any table using SQL

  1. DECLARE @tableName VARCHAR(100)
  2. DECLARE @whereClause VARCHAR(100)
  3. SET @tableName = ‘Customers’
  4. SET @whereClause = ‘WHERE id = 999’
  6. INSERT INTO @TABLE (name)
  7. SELECT name FROM sys. …
  8. DECLARE @i INT.

How do I export an entire table in SQL?

Exporting Tables Using SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Right-click on the database that contains tables you wish to export. …
  2. Click Next > on the Introduction page. …
  3. On the Choose Objects page, select all of the tables you wish to export. …
  4. On the Set Scripting Options page, select Save scripts to a specific location.

How do I print a row in SQL?

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Declare @SumVal int; Select @SumVal=Sum(Amount) From Expense; Print @SumVal; You can, of course, print any number of fields from the table in this way. Of course, if you want to print all of the results from a query that returns multiple rows, you’d just direct your output appropriately (e.g. to Text).

How do I view an entire table in SQL?

Tutorial: Selecting All Columns of a Table

  1. Click the icon SQL Worksheet. The SQL Worksheet pane appears.
  2. In the field under “Enter SQL Statement:”, enter this query: SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES;
  3. Click the Execute Statement. The query runs.
  4. Click the tab Results. The Results pane appears, showing the result of the query.
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How do you print a query?

To print query results on your default printer:

  1. Select Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager.
  2. Click the Search button, and then click either the HTML or Excel links.
  3. Click the Print button or select File, Print.

How do I print a SQL query?

To print query results

  1. Select the columns or rows that you want to print.
  2. Use the Copy command to move them to the Clipboard.
  3. Switch to the Windows program you want to use to print the results.
  4. Use the Paste command to move the query results from the Clipboard.
  5. Format and print the results.

How do I export a table schema in SQL Server?

Export Schema using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

  1. At the left pane, right click the database you would like to export the schema structure for.
  2. Choose Tasks => choose Generate Scripts.
  3. Click next at the welcome screen.
  4. Click next at the “Select the database objects to script” screen.

How do I debug a stored procedure?

Debugging options

  1. Start Debugging. To start debugging a SQL server stored procedure in SQL Server, press ALT + F5, or go to Debug -> Start Debugging, as shown in the figure below: …
  2. Stepping Through Script. …
  3. Run To Cursor. …
  4. The Local Window. …
  5. The Watch Window. …
  6. The Call Stack. …
  7. The Immediate Window. …
  8. Breakpoints.
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