How do I print a variable in SQL Server?

How do I print a value in SQL?

Declare @SumVal int; Select @SumVal=Sum(Amount) From Expense; Print @SumVal; You can, of course, print any number of fields from the table in this way. Of course, if you want to print all of the results from a query that returns multiple rows, you’d just direct your output appropriately (e.g. to Text).

How do I print on the same line in SQL?

There is no built-in function for achieving this. Use concatenation and print. The way you write the code with while loop and print statement, there is no way other than concatenate and print the concatenated variable.

How do I print a function in SQL Server?

You can’t use a print inside a FUNCTION. Try using a SELECT instead. And of course, the SELECT would have to ‘fit’ with the FUNCTION return datatypes.

How do I print a varchar in SQL?

How to print VARCHAR(MAX) using Print Statement?

  2. SELECT @Script = definition FROM manged.sys.all_sql_modules sq.
  3. where sq.object_id = (SELECT object_id from managed.sys.objects.
  4. Where type = ‘P’ and Name = ‘usp_gen_data’)
  5. Declare @Pos int.
  6. SELECT @pos=CHARINDEX(CHAR(13)+CHAR(10),@script,7500)

How do you print a query?

To print query results on your default printer:

  1. Select Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager.
  2. Click the Search button, and then click either the HTML or Excel links.
  3. Click the Print button or select File, Print.
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How do you display in SQL?

The DISPLAY command must be placed immediately after the query statement on which you want it to take effect. For example: SELECT pno, pname FROM part WHERE color=’BLUE’; DISPLAY; When the system encounters this DISPLAY command, it displays the Result window containing the part number and name for all blue parts.

How do I debug a stored procedure?

Debugging options

  1. Start Debugging. To start debugging a SQL server stored procedure in SQL Server, press ALT + F5, or go to Debug -> Start Debugging, as shown in the figure below: …
  2. Stepping Through Script. …
  3. Run To Cursor. …
  4. The Local Window. …
  5. The Watch Window. …
  6. The Call Stack. …
  7. The Immediate Window. …
  8. Breakpoints.

How do you set a variable in SQL?

Variables in SQL procedures are defined by using the DECLARE statement. Values can be assigned to variables using the SET statement or the SELECT INTO statement or as a default value when the variable is declared. Literals, expressions, the result of a query, and special register values can be assigned to variables.

Which SQL keyword is used to retrieve a maximum value?

MAX() is the SQL keyword is used to retrieve the maximum value in the selected column.

Can you print in SQL?

Usually, we use the SQL PRINT statement to print corresponding messages or track the variable values while query progress. We also use interactions or multiple loops in a query with a while or for a loop. We can also use the SQL PRINT statement to track the iteration. … SQL Server returns the message to the application.

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Are Named blocks and are stored in the database?

Named blocks:

Named blocks have a specific and unique name for them. They are stored as the database objects in the server.

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