Frequent question: What are the different selection statements in java?

What are the different types of selection statements in Java?

• Java has several types of selection statements:

  • o if Statements, if … else statements, nested if statements.
  • o switch Statements.
  • o Conditional Expressions.

What are the different selection statements?

– Selection statements: if and switch – Iteration statements: while, do, and for – Jump statements: break, continue, and goto. (return also belongs in this category.) Several of C’s statements must test the value of an expression to see if it is “true” or “false ” expression to see if it is true or false.

What is selection statement and its types?

The selection statement means the statements are executed depends – upon a condition. … This statement is also called a decision statement or selection statement because it helps in making decisions about which set of statements are to be executed. Types: Two-way branching. Multiway branching.

What are selection control statements in Java?

Selection statements allow you to control the flow of program execution, on the basis of the outcome of an expression or state of a variable, known during runtime. Selection statements can be divided into the following categories: The if and if-else statements. The if-else statements.

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What are the three types of selection statement?

These are the types of selection statements in Java.

  • If statement.
  • If-else statement.
  • Switch statement.

What are two way selection statements?

The two-way selection is the basic decision statement for computers. The decision is based on resolving a binary expression, and then executing a set of commands depending on whether the response was true or false.

What do you mean by selection statement?

Selection statements allow a program to test several conditions, and execute instructions based on which condition is true. That is why selection statements are also referred to as conditional statements.

What is the simplest C selection statement?

The simplest form of selection is the if statement. This is sometimes referred to as binary selection since there are two possible paths of execution. The boolean expression after the if statement is called the condition. If it is true, then the immediately following indented statements get executed.

Which of these is an selection statement?

2. Which of these are selection statements in Java? Explanation: Continue and break are jump statements, and for is a looping statement.

What is the if statement?

The IF statement is a decision-making statement that guides a program to make decisions based on specified criteria. The IF statement executes one set of code if a specified condition is met (TRUE) or another set of code evaluates to FALSE.

What are the different types of iterative statement?

7.6 Iteration Statements

  • 1 The while Statement. The while statement evaluates a control expression before each execution of the loop body. …
  • 2 The do Statement. The do statement evaluates the control expression after each execution of the loop body. …
  • 3 The for Statement.
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