Frequent question: How do you move a ball in JavaScript?

How do you move an object in JavaScript?

Move object (image) with arrow keys using JavaScript function – In this example we will learn how to move object/image using arrow keys (left, top, right and down). We will call function in Body tag on “onkeydown” event, when you will down arrow keys object will be moved on the browser screen.

How do I move a rectangle in JavaScript?


  1. var stage = document. getElementById(‘svs’), // Get the canvas element by Id.
  2. ctx = stage. …
  3. x = 10, //intial horizontal position of drawn rectangle.
  4. y = 10, //intial vertical position of drawn rectangle.
  5. wid = 20, //width of the drawn rectangle.
  6. hei = 20; //height of the drawn rectangle.
  7. //Draw Rectangle function.

How do you bounce a ball in CSS?

Run The Keyframe

  1. Tells the ball element to use our keyframe rule bounce . It also sets the length of the animation to . 5 seconds.
  2. At completion, the animation direction alternates (reverses).
  3. Runs the animation an infinite number of times.

What does it mean to move the ball forward?

1 to go or take from one place to another; change in location or position. 2 usually intr to change (one’s dwelling, place of business, etc.)

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How do you move an object in HTML?

You can use two values top and left along with the position property to move an HTML element anywhere in the HTML document.

  1. Move Left – Use a negative value for left.
  2. Move Right – Use a positive value for left.
  3. Move Up – Use a negative value for top.
  4. Move Down – Use a positive value for top.

What is prepend in JavaScript?

prepend() method inserts a set of Node objects or DOMString objects before the first child of the Element . DOMString objects are inserted as equivalent Text nodes.

How do I move the canvas in html5?

If you want to move the text, first you have to either clear the canvas or re-draw the text with a background/transparent color to get rid of the text in the previous position. Then you can draw the text in the new position.

How do you make a Pong game using JavaScript?


  1. Create an HTML file with the name index. …
  2. Create a CSS file with the name styles. …
  3. Create a JS file with the name index. …
  4. Create a div for the game board, ball, and 2 divs for paddles, i.e. player-1 and player-2.
  5. Give some style to your game in the CSS file.

How do you code something to move?

Using Scratch to make an object move

  1. Use the point in direction angle command and the move number steps number command to move an object in Scratch.
  2. Use the change x by number command to move an object horizontally in Scratch.
  3. Use the change y by number command to move an object vertically in Scratch.
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How do you move a rectangle in canvas?

The only way to move a shape on a canvas is to clear the canvas (or the part of the canvas around the shape) and redraw it with the shape in a new position.

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