Do I need Java for Selenium?

Should I learn Java or Python for Selenium?

Conclusion: If you are a newbie to automation testing, our suggestion is to pursue Selenium with Java training and kick-start your journey as a tester. Once you are hands-on, you can learn Python as the future seems to be bright for Selenium Python binding.

Does Selenium use Java or JavaScript?

Selenium (software)

Written in Selenium Server: Java; Selenium WebDriver (works without Selenium Server), official support: JavaScript (Node.js), Python, Ruby, Java or C#
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Software testing framework for web applications
License Apache License 2.0

Is Selenium with Java is easy to learn?

Learning Selenium WebDriver and Java is rarely as easy as people says that it is. It is not easy. It is not difficult. It is challenging.

What language do you prefer for Selenium?

Selenium is a widely used open source, portable software testing framework for web applications. Though Selenium comes with a test domain specific language (Selenese), other programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python) can be used to script tests as well.

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Should I learn Java for testing?

The answer is yes and no. You should have knowledge about programming to be able to adopt the situation you are in. When it is needed you should be able to learn the particular language to write automated tests.

Is Selenium with Python easy?

With the ease of code, Selenium with Python is easy to read. Besides, it is dynamically typed. Abundant programmers are well-versed in Python as a language. Connecting a browser through Selenium is easy because of the utilization of Python’s API.

Can I learn Selenium without knowing Java?

Yes, of course, you can learn Selenium without knowing Java. … Selenium IDE is a GUI based tool but it works only in Mozilla Firefox. However, if you want to create test cases using Selenium WebDriver, you should know one programming language out of – Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP.

Is core Java enough for Selenium?

Most of the Selenium testers using Java programming for writing Selenium Test Script, So try to learn Java for Selenium. Java Standard Edition or Core Java is enough for Automated Testing with Selenium, and Advanced Java is not required.

Is coding required for Selenium?

Some of the pros of Selenium are that it’s free, open-source and supports multiple browsers, operating systems and programming languages. Some of the cons are that it requires coding skills, it takes time to set up and maintain, and it requires third party integrations to carry out many testing processes.

Can we learn Selenium by Own?

Yes. If you have basic programming knowledge then you can learn Selenium on your own. Just start from chapter-1 of our course. Our course is completely free and designed for complete beginners.

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How long does it take to learn Java for Selenium?

If you really want to learn Selenium then you can learn it very easily. If you focus properly then you can learn it within one to two months of time. You must be knowing the basic concepts of any programming language like Java, Python, PHP and many more.

How can I get Selenium fast?

Learn what is Xpath and how you can create them in different ways. Then learn about different selenium web driver commands (Browser commands, Navigation commands, Web Element commands). Get to know about Keyboard and Mouse actions (using Actions class) Get familiar with Page Object Model (POM) and Page Factory concept.

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