Do comments slow down codes in Java?

Do comments make your code slower?

4 Answers. Commenting will not affect the script execution time in normal case. But the number of lines you write in your code affect the parser to read and buffer it considerably.

Do comments affect code performance?

So no, they do not affect performance in any way. If language is using the compiler then the processing don’t effected but if interpreter is working there then the process may slow down due to comments.

Do comments slow down interpreted code?

So no, comments do not slow down the programs at run-time. Note: Interpreters that do not use some other inner structure to represent the code other than text, ie a syntax tree, must do exactly what you mentioned.

Are comments bad in code?

Commenting code is on the generally-recognized list of code smells. But unlike most of the others on the list, comments are not always bad. Generally speaking, you should strive to minimize comments and let the code speak for itself, but it is just as important to include comments when the code cannot.

Does whitespace slow down code?

The extra time you spend pressing the space bar is orders of magnitude more costly than the cost at run time (and neither matter at all). The much more significant cost will come from any any decreased readability that results from leaving out spaces, which can make code harder (for humans) to parse.

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Does commented code affect performance in angular?

Every file is parsed only a single time, when it’s loaded. So it doesn’t make a difference whether the comment is inside or outside of the function, interpreter doesn’t see it.

Do PHP comments affect performance?

If your site is slow, comments are not the reason. The only way it is slower, is that the interpreter has to read more bytes. But as for execution speed, it has no influence, because they are just ignored by the interpreter. So basically, it does not matter if you add comments.

Do comments increase execution time?

No. Comments have no effect on execution. They will slow the compiler down a tiny bit – but even that should be imperceptible unless you have a ridiculous number of comments. The “effect” you’re noticing is more to do with the way you’re timing things – using System.

Do comments affect performance in JavaScript?

Comments do not affect performance in a significant matter. How I understand it, the javascript program is being loaded into the memory. In this process the comments are being ignored and are not loaded into the memory.

Does commented code affect performance C#?

4 Answers. No performance degradation at all. Comments are not parsed by the compiler, they are usually removed in the lexical analysis.

Is a compiled file human readable?

Compiling is the transformation from Source Code (human readable) into machine code (computer executable). … A compiler takes the recipe (code) for a new program (written in a high level language) and transforms this Code into a new language (Machine Language) that can be understood by the computer itself.

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Do comments take up memory?

When the compiler runs, extra stuff is removed, including comments. Even if you’re using an interpreted language, comments don’t use CPU cycles because they aren’t executable code, although they may add an extremely negligible amount of parsing time. The point is, don’t worry about it.

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