Can ActionResult return JSON?

What does an ActionResult return?

An ActionResult is a return type of a controller method, also called an action method, and serves as the base class for *Result classes. Action methods return models to views, file streams, redirect to other controllers, or whatever is necessary for the task at hand.

Can I return JSON in ActionResult MVC?

In your action method, return Json(object) to return JSON to your page. SomeMethod would be a javascript method that then evaluates the Json object returned. ContentResult by default returns a text/plain as its contentType.

Can an MVC controller return a JSON instead of a view?

In php you can just return string instead of a view so you can do something like that: … $array = array( “Hello” => “hi”, “Whatsup” => sup ); return json_encode($array); However, in C# you have to return ActionResult object.

Can webservice return JSON?

Yes you can, have a look,… arr i see, just tested in my app rather than my actual web service and its returning json.

How does return view work?

When an action returns a view, a process called view discovery takes place. This process determines which view file is used based on the view name. The default behavior of the View method ( return View(); ) is to return a view with the same name as the action method from which it’s called.

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Can I return ActionResult Instead of view results?

ActionResult is the best thing if you are returning different types of views. ActionResult is an abstract class, and it’s base class for ViewResult class.

What does JSON () return?

json() … It returns a promise which resolves with the result of parsing the body text as JSON . Note that despite the method being named json() , the result is not JSON but is instead the result of taking JSON as input and parsing it to produce a JavaScript object.

How can I get JSON result in MVC?

Right click on Controller folder in the created MVC application; give the class name. I have given class name Home and clicked on OK. In the above controller class JsonResult method EmpDetails we have added the records into the Generic list and returning it as JSON to avoid database query for same result.

What is JSON MVC?

The JSON format is an open standard format. … Developers use different JSON types for data transformation. JsonResult is an ActionResult type in MVC. It helps to send the content in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

How do I return JSON format in Web API?

Get ASP.NET Web API To Return JSON Instead Of XML

  1. public static void Register(HttpConfiguration config)
  2. {
  3. config.Routes.MapHttpRoute(name: “DefaultApi”, routeTemplate: “api/{controller}/{id}”, defaults: new.
  4. {
  5. id = RouteParameter.Optional.
  6. });
  7. //To produce JSON format add this line of code.

How do I return a status code in Web API .NET core?

Quick Tip – Return HTTP Status Code from ASP.NET Core Methods

  1. return Ok(); // Http status code 200.
  2. return Created(); // Http status code 201.
  3. return NoContent(); // Http status code 204.
  4. return BadRequest(); // Http status code 400.
  5. return Unauthorized(); // Http status code 401.
  6. return Forbid(); // Http status code 403.
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How do I return a JSON flask?

If you don’t want to use jsonify for some reason, you can do what it does manually. Call flask. json. dumps to create JSON data, then return a response with the application/json content type.

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