Best answer: What is the use of Init method in Java servlets?

Why we use Init method in Java?

Init method is a predefine method to initialize an object after its creation. Init Method is a life cycle method for Servlets for java. It is invoked only once. It is used for initialization of servlets.

When servlet init method is called?

The init method is called only once. It is called only when the servlet is created, and not called for any user requests afterwards.

What is used for loading Init method of servlet?

Web server is used for loading the init() method of servlet – Servlets. Q. Web server is used for loading the init() method of servlet.

How many Init methods are there in servlet?

There are 5 methods in Servlet interface. The init, service and destroy are the life cycle methods of servlet. These are invoked by the web container.

Methods of Servlet interface.

Method Description
public ServletConfig getServletConfig() returns the object of ServletConfig.

What is Init method used for?

The <init> method is used to initialize object instances. Also, the JVM invokes the <clinit> method to initialize a class whenever necessary.

What are the two main types of servlet?

There are two main servlet types, generic and HTTP:

  • Generic servlets. Extend javax. servlet. GenericServlet. Are protocol independent. …
  • HTTP servlets. Extend javax. servlet. HttpServlet. Have built-in HTTP protocol support and are more useful in a Sun Java System Web Server environment.
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When Init method is called?

The init method is designed to be called only once. It is called when the servlet is first created, and not called again for each user request. So, it is used for one-time initializations, just as with the init method of applets.

How are servlets invoked?

A servlet is typically invoked via a servlet mapping in your servlet container configuration, when a request is made to the servlet container for a path matching that mapping. There are a number of resources for learning more about servlets on the Sun Oracle Java site’s servlet page.

What is the exact role of destroy method?

The destroy() method of thread class is used to destroy the thread group and all of its subgroups. The thread group must be empty, indicating that all threads that had been in the thread group have since stopped.

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