Best answer: How do you get a remainder in SQL query?

Is there modulo in SQL?

Introduction to SQL MOD() The MOD function in standard query language (SQL) takes two arguments of numeric data type, the first argument as dividend and second argument as divisor and returns the remainder or modulus after performing a division operation or repeated subtraction. … It performs the same function.

How do you find the quotient and remainder in Oracle?

Oracle / PLSQL: REMAINDER Function

  1. Description. The Oracle/PLSQL REMAINDER function returns the remainder of m divided by n.
  2. Syntax. The syntax for the REMAINDER function in Oracle/PLSQL is: REMAINDER( m, n ) …
  3. Calculation. The REMAINDER is calculated as follows: m – (n * X) …
  4. Note. …
  5. Returns. …
  6. Applies To. …
  7. Example.

What happens in SQL if you divide an integer and it has a remainder?

Divides two numbers and returns an integer result. Mod Returns the integer remainder of a division.

Does != Work in SQL?

There is no != operator according to the ANSI/SQL 92 standard.

What is the meaning of where 1 0 in SQL?

A query like this can be used to ping the database. The clause: WHERE 1=0. Ensures that non data is sent back, so no CPU charge, no Network traffic or other resource consumption. A query like that can test for: server availability.

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What is the difference between MOD and remainder in Oracle?

The REMAINDER function uses the round function in its formula, whereas the MOD function uses the floor function in its formula. In other words, when the arguments are positive integers, the mod function returns a positive number between 0 and the second argument.

How do you return a quotient in SQL?

DIV() Function in MySQL. DIV() function : This function in MySQL is used to return a quotient (integer) value when integer division is done. For example, when 7 is divided by 3, then 2 will be returned.

Can you divide int in SQL?

Integer division in SQL takes place when both the dividend and the divisor are integers. Since they are integers, SQL wants to return an integer result to match the number type. In PostgreSQL and SQL Server, it is integer division.

How do you write divided in SQL?

The SQL divide ( / ) operator is used to divide one expressions or numbers by another.

What can SQL not do?

The SQL NOT condition (sometimes called the NOT Operator) is used to negate a condition in the WHERE clause of a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.

Is not equal in SQL query?

Operators in The WHERE Clause

Operator Description Example
<> Not equal. Note: In some versions of SQL this operator may be written as != Try it
BETWEEN Between a certain range Try it
LIKE Search for a pattern Try it
IN To specify multiple possible values for a column Try it
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