Best answer: How do I remove a specific element from a list in Java?

How do I remove a specific value from a List in Java?

How to remove element from ArrayList in Java

  1. remove(E element) – remove the element at specifid index.
  2. remove(E element) – remove the element by value.
  3. removeIf(Predicate p) – remove all elements by specified value.

How do I remove an object from a List in Java?

In general an object can be removed in two ways from an ArrayList (or generally any List ), by index ( remove(int) ) and by object ( remove(Object) ). In this particular scenario: Add an equals(Object) method to your ArrayTest class. That will allow ArrayList. remove(Object) to identify the correct object.

How do I remove a specific item from a collection?

remove() method is used to remove elements from a collection. It removes the element at the specified position in this list.

How do I remove a specific string from a List in Java?

However, there is more than one way of removing an element from the ArrayList that are as follows:

  1. Using ArrayList.remove() Method. By index. By element.
  2. Using Iterator.remove() Method.
  3. Using ArrayList.removeIf() Method.
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How do I remove a specific value from a list?

We can remove an item from the list by passing the value of the item to be deleted as the parameter to remove() function. pop() is also a method of list. We can remove the element at the specified index and get the value of that element using pop().

How do I remove an object from a List?

The remove(Object obj) method of List interface in Java is used to remove the first occurrence of the specified element obj from this List if it is present in the List. Parameters: It accepts a single parameter obj of List type which represents the element to be removed from the given List.

How do I remove a property from a Java object?

4 Answers. put all your instances of your object in a collection, and then you can delete it from the collection. List<YourObject> list = new ArrayList<YourObject>(); YourObject obj1 = new YourObject(“abc”); list. add(obj1); YourObject obj2 = new YourObject(“xyz”); list.

How do you remove the last element of an ArrayList?

We can use the remove() method of ArrayList container in Java to remove the last element. ArrayList provides two overloaded remove() method: remove(int index) : Accept index of the object to be removed. We can pass the last elements index to the remove() method to delete the last element.

What is the use of remove ()?

The remove() method removes the first occurrence of the element with the specified value.

Which method is used to delete all elements from Collection in Java?

The clear() method removes all the elements of a single ArrayList . It’s a fast operation, as it just sets the array elements to null . The removeAll(Collection) method, which is inherited from AbstractCollection , removes all the elements that are in the argument collection from the collection you call the method on.


What does the remove method do?

Method remove(int index) is used for removing an element of the specified index from a list. It removes an element and returns the same. It throws IndexOutOfBoundsException if the specified index is less than zero or greater than the size of the list (index size of ArrayList).

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