Your question: What is the result of 19 5 when evaluated in a Java expression?

What is the result of 13/4 when evaluated as a Java expression?

2.13 What is the result of 13/4 when evaluated in a Java expression? Explain. 3.25; 13/4 = 3.25, saving as a double. … 2.18 What is a Java package?

Why doesn t the string class have to specifically be imported into our programs?

Why doesn’t the String class have to be specifically imported into our programs? Because the String class is part of the java. lang package, which is automatically imported into any Java program. Therefore, no separate import declaration is needed.

How can you indicate that an integer literal should be considered a different type?

How can you indicate that an integer literal should be considered a different type? Java automatically assigns the integer literal int. If you append a L or l on the end of an integer literal, for example 1234L, Java will assign it the type long.

What is the difference between the literals 4 4.0 4 and 4 quizlet?

What is the difference between the literals 4, 4.0, ‘4’, and “4”? The literal 4 is an integer literal, with no fractional part. The literal 4.0 is a floating-point literal. The literal ‘4’ represents the digit as a character.

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What does float a 35 0 return mean?

10) What does the expression float a = 35 / 0 return? Explanation: In Java, whenever we divide any number (double, float, and long except integer) by zero, it results in infinity.

How do you evaluate an expression in Java?

To evaluate expressions containing variables we need to declare and initialize variables: String expression = “x=2; y=3; 3*x+2*y;”; Double result = (Double) scriptEngine. eval(expression); Assertions. assertEquals(12, result);

Is Java Lang string automatically imported?

lang package is automatically imported.

What is the package name which contains math class?

The Java package that contains the Math class is java. lang. Math i.e. java.

Which values are returned by the method nextBoolean ();?

The nextBoolean() method of Random class returns the next pseudorandom, uniformly distributed boolean value from the random number generator’s sequence.

What is literal and its types?

Literals in Java are defined directly in the code without any kind of computation. Any primitive type variables are assigned using literals. … Primitive data types include int, byte, short, float, boolean, double, and char, whereas non-primitive data types include arrays, string, and classes.

Which type of literal is true?

Boolean Literals: This literal is provided only in C++ and not in C. They are used to represent the boolean datatypes. These can carry two values: true: To represent True value.

Which type of integer is called literal?

Integer literals are numbers that do not have a decimal point or an exponential part. They can be represented as: Decimal integer literals. Hexadecimal integer literals.

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