Your question: What is BCMath PHP extension?

How to install BCMath PHP module?

How to install the bcmath extension in CentOS

  1. Install with the cli. You can install the bcmath extension with the command line via yum: yum install php-bcmath. …
  2. Restart apache/httpd service. After installing the extension, you need to restart the apache service using the following command: service httpd restart.

How do I know if PHP extension is installed?

Are you looking for a particular extension? In your phpinfo(); , just hit Ctrl + F in your web browser, type in the first 3-4 letters of the extension you’re looking for, and it should show you whether or not its loaded.

What is Fileinfo PHP extension?

This extension can be enabled by default as of PHP 5.3. 0. Before this time, fileinfo was a PECL extension but no longer maintained there. Windows users must include bundled php_fileinfo. dll DLL file in php.

How do I enable PHP extensions in Windows?

3 Answers

  1. Put the extension library folder under PHP’s install path. On my computer this is C:xamppphpext . Search in your PHP. ini for “extension_dir” to find what yours is.
  2. Edit php. ini to load the extension. Find ; Dynamic Extensions ; . Add line extension=my_lib.dll.

What is JSON PHP extension?

The JSON extension is bundled and compiled into PHP by default. As of PHP 8.0. 0, the JSON extension is a core PHP extension, so it is always enabled.

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What is Docker PHP ext install?

According to official Docker image, some docker-php-ext-* commands are prepared for users to install extensions easily on the containers. For example, you add the following line to Dockerfile to install curl extension. RUN docker-php-ext-install curl.

What is Intl PHP?

The Internationalization extension (Intl) is a wrapper for the ICU library, a set of C/C++ and Java libraries that provide Unicode and Globalization support for software applications. It enables PHP programmers to perform UCA-conformant collation and date/time/number/currency formatting in their scripts.

How do I enable Intl extension in xampp?

For enable PHP Extension intl , follow the Steps..

  1. Open the xampp/php/php. ini file in any editor.
  2. Search “;extension=php_intl.dll”
  3. kindly remove the starting semicolon ( ; ) Like : ;extension=php_intl.dll. to. extension=php_intl.dll.
  4. Save the xampp/php/php. ini file.
  5. Restart your xampp/wamp.
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