You asked: What is the difference between Log4j and Java Util Logging?

Which one is better Log4j or Logback?

Key Difference Between Log4j vs Logback

Better versions: When we compare versions of log4j and logback, then log4j is better than logback versions less than 1.2. 1. As logback is improved, version log4j and versions log4j2 and logback have no difference in terms of performance or any features.

Is Log4j outdated?

Apache Log4j is a very old logging framework and was the most popular one for several years. It introduced basic concepts, like hierarchical log levels and loggers, that are still used by modern logging frameworks. The development team announced Log4j’s end of life in 2015.

What can I use instead of Log4j?

SLF4J, Logback, Logstash, Loki, and Bunyan are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Log4j.

Can I use both log4j and Logback?

As the slf4j documentation says, you just have to replace all the log4j dependencies with a single one from slf4j, named log4j-over-slf4j: Any code that is under your direct control can just use slf4j + logback as it always would.

Which logger is best for Java?

One of the most popular solutions for the Java world is the Apache Log4j 2 framework. Maintained by the Apache Foundation, Log4j 2 is an improvement on the original Log4j, which was the most popular logging framework in Java for many years.

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Why loggers are used in Java?

A Logger object is used to log messages for a specific system or application component. Loggers are normally named, using a hierarchical dot-separated namespace. Logger names can be arbitrary strings, but they should normally be based on the package name or class name of the logged component, such as or javax.

What is the salary of a logger?

$72,630 (AUD)/yr.

How do loggers work in Java?

Example of Custom Java Logging Handler

  1. import java.util.logging.LogRecord;
  2. import java.util.logging.StreamHandler;
  3. public class MyHandler extends StreamHandler.
  4. {
  5. @Override.
  6. public void publish(LogRecord record)
  7. {
  8. //add own logic to publish.

Is Log4j2 better than Log4j?

Community support: Log4j 1. x is not actively maintained, whereas Log4j 2 has an active community where questions are answered, features are added and bugs are fixed. Automatically reload its configuration upon modification without losing log events while reconfiguring.

Is Log4j deprecated?

Apache Log4j is a Java-based logging utility.

Log4j log levels.

Level Description
WARN Use of deprecated APIs, poor use of API, ‘almost’ errors, other runtime situations that are undesirable or unexpected, but not necessarily “wrong”. Expect these to be immediately visible on a status console.
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