You asked: How do you select multiple classes in Javascript?

Can you have multiple classes in JavaScript?

classList property

The classList property should be your primary way to work with classes in JavaScript. The classList property has add() and remove() methods that allow passing multiple classes as arguments. … To add multiple classes, you’ll need to pass each class as a separate parameter to the add method.

How do you find the element of multiple classes?

HTML elements can be assigned multiple classes by listing the classes in the class attribute, with a blank space to separate them.

How do you know if an element has two classes?

To check if an element contains a class, you use the contains() method of the classList property of the element:

  1. element.classList.contains(className);
  2. const div = document.querySelector(‘.info’); div.classList.contains(‘secondary’); // true.

How do you select a class element?

To select elements by a given class name, you use the getElementsByClassName() method:

  1. let elements = document.getElementsByClassName(‘className’); …
  2. <html> <head> <title>JavaScript getElementsByClassName() example</title> </head> <body> <div id=”container”> <p class=”note”>The first note.</

How do you add multiple classes?

To specify multiple classes, separate the class names with a space, e.g. <span class=”left important”>. This allows you to combine several CSS classes for one HTML element.

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Can a tag have two classes?

Yes, it is possible, but you can only declare the class attribute once per HTML element. Just separate the classes you want to apply by a space. If you declare the class attribute more than once, all definitions beyond the first will be ignored, so in your code .

How can I select an element with multiple classes in jquery?

The . class selector can also be used to select multiple classes. Note: Seperate each class with a comma. Note: Do not start a class attribute with a number.

What are class selectors in CSS?

What is a class selector in CSS? In CSS, a class selector is formatted as a period (.) character followed by the name of the class. It selects all elements with that class attribute so that unique CSS declarations can be applied to those specific elements without affecting other elements on the page.

How can use two classes in jquery?

Approach: First select the element to which multiple classes will be added. Then use addClass() method to add multiple classes to the element and removeClass() method to remove multiple classes.

How do I select a class inside a CSS class?

To nestle classes or any other selector in CSS, just separate the selector hierarchy with spaces. Example: .parent .child { /* CSS Properties */ }

  1. <article class=”blog-post”> <h1 class=”post-title”>Blog title</h1> <p>Article content</p> </article> …
  2. .blog-post .post-title { /* CSS Properties */ color: grey; }

What is the proper syntax for CSS?

A CSS Syntax rule consists of a selector, property, and its value. The selector points to the HTML element where CSS style is to be applied. The CSS property is separated by semicolons. It is a combination of selector name followed by the property: value pair that is defined for the specific selector.

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Can I use classList contains?

classList. contains(class); This works on all current browsers and there are polyfills to support older browsers too. Otherwise you will also get true if the class you are looking for is part of another class name.

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