You asked: Can two variables refer to the same ArrayList in Java?

Can an ArrayList contains multiple references to the same object in Java?

The ArrayList in java does not provide the checks for duplicate references to the same object. Therefore, we can insert the same object or reference to a single object as many times as we want.

What happens when two references point to the same object?

Object reference equality: when two object references point to the same object. Object value equality: when two separate objects happen to have the same values/state.

Can multiple reference variables refer to the same object?

Yes, two or more references, say from parameters and/or local variables and/or instance variables and/or static variables can all reference the same object.

Can ArrayList have two different data types?

It is more common to create an ArrayList of definite type such as Integer, Double, etc. But there is also a method to create ArrayLists that are capable of holding Objects of multiple Types. … The above list can hold values of any type.

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How do we check whether the two variables are pointing to the same memory location?

The is keyword is used to test if two variables refer to the same object. The test returns True if the two objects are the same object. The test returns False if they are not the same object, even if the two objects are 100% equal. Use the == operator to test if two variables are equal.

Which function is called whenever an object?

d) Free function. Explanation: The destructor function of the class is called whenever an object goes out of scope. This is because the destructor set all the resources, acquired by the object, free.

Can you compare classes in Java?

The compare() method in Java compares two class specific objects (x, y) given as parameters. It returns the value: 0: if (x==y)

Can an object have more than one reference point?

Objects can be located with different combinations of distances and directions from a singular point or multiple points. (one point as a reference object can be used to locate another point or object with a distance and direction.)

How many references can there be to a single object?

Two Reference Variables Pointing to One Object.

When two object reference variables contain the address of the same object they are referred to as?

Aliases. Two or more references that refer to the same object. One object and its data can be accessed using different reference variables. Changing object changes it for all aliases.

Where are automatic variables stored?

auto variables are always local and are stored on the stack. the register modifier tells the compiler to do its best to keep the variable in a register if at all possible. Otherwise it is stored on the stack. extern variables are stored in the data segment.

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What happens when an object is assigned to another object reference of the same class?

If we use the assignment operator to assign an object reference to another reference variable then it will point to the same address location of the old object and no new copy of the object will be created. Due to this any changes in the reference variable will be reflected in the original object.

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