Why native SQL If we have HQL?

Why we use HQL instead of SQL?

The following are some of the reasons why HQL is preferred over SQL: Provides full support for relational operations. It is possible to represent SQL Queries in the form of objects in HQL which uses classes and properties instead of tables and columns. Return results as objects.

What is difference between native query and Hql?


The difference between SQL and HQL is that SQL directly works on databases through queries whereas HQL operates on objects and their properties which is then translated into conventional queries to run databases. To request and extract data from a database by sending queries, we use QL (Query Language).

What is the use of native SQL in hibernate?

You can use native SQL to express database queries if you want to utilize database-specific features such as query hints or the CONNECT keyword in Oracle. Hibernate 3. x allows you to specify handwritten SQL, including stored procedures, for all create, update, delete, and load operations.

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Why do we need Hql?

We need HQL when we want to select some particular fields and columns as per our requirements. Methods adopted earlier were not efficient enough to drill down to this level for example fetching the result set or data set from the database as a whole record having the number of rows and columns.

Where is Hql used?

An HQL SELECT is used to query the database for classes and their properties. The fully qualified name of an entity is path . The alias names may be used to abbreviate references to specific entities or their properties and must be used when property names used in the query would otherwise be ambiguous.


Hibernate Query Language (HQL) is an object-oriented query language, similar to SQL, but instead of operating on tables and columns, HQL works with persistent objects and their properties. HQL queries are translated by Hibernate into conventional SQL queries, which in turns perform action on database.

Is native query faster than Hibernate?

In some cases it can happen Hibernate does not generate the most efficient statements, so then native SQL can be faster – but with native SQL your application loses the portability from one database to another, so normally is better to tune the hibernate mapping and the HQL statement to generate more efficient SQL …

What does native SQL mean?

Native SQL is real SQL for database in use. … This means that you can use database tables that are not administered by the ABAP Dictionary, and therefore integrate data that is not part of the R/3 System. As a rule, an ABAP program containing database-specific SQL statements will not run under different database systems.

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What is native query in Hibernate?

In Hibernate, you use session.createQuery() ” NativeQuery. Native query refers to actual sql queries (referring to actual database objects). These queries are the sql statements which can be directly executed in database using a database client.

How use native SQL query in Hibernate?

For Hibernate Native SQL Query, we use Session. createSQLQuery(String query) to create the SQLQuery object and execute it. For example, if you want to read all the records from Employee table, we can do it through below code. When we execute above code for the data setup we have, it produces following output.

How use native SQL query in spring boot?

Spring Data’s @Query annotation removes all the boilerplate code. We already used that annotation in a previous post to define a custom JPQL query. When defining a native query, you annotate your repository method with @Query, set its nativeQuery attribute to true, and provide an SQL statement as the value.

Is Hibernate SQL injection safe?

A note about SQL injection

Hibernate does not grant immunity to SQL Injection, one can misuse the api as they please. There is nothing special about HQL (Hibernates subset of SQL) that makes it any more or less susceptible.

Is null in HQL?

4 Answers. No. You have to use is null and is not null in HQL.

Which is faster JDBC or hibernate?

Both Hibernate & JDBC facilitate accessing relational tables with Java code. Hibernate is a more efficient & object-oriented approach for accessing a database. However, it is a bit slower performance-wise in comparison to JDBC.

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