What is PK nn UQ in mysql?

What is PK and NN in MySQL?

PK – Primary Key. NN – Not Null. BIN – Binary (stores data as binary strings. There is no character set so sorting and comparison is based on the numeric values of the bytes in the values.) UN – Unsigned (non-negative numbers only.

What is AI PK?

These are SQL parameters. … These are SQL parameters. AI: Auto Increments the field on each new insertion. PK: Primary Key – this is the field that will be used when doing joins (like linked fields) UQ: Unique – the SQL operation will fail it would cause two rows to have the same value in this column.

What is un in MySQL workbench?

1 Answer. 1. Those means: BIN : binary (if dt is a blob or similar, this indicates that is binary data, rather than text) UN : unsigned (for integer types)

How do I find the primary key in MySQL workbench?

In Table Editor go to Foreign Keys tab (at the bottom). Keys are displayed in the left pane and details of selected keys are displayed on the right. You can see pair of foreign and primiary columns in Column and Referenced Column columnsin the grid in the middle of the window.

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Is SQL important for AI?

The use of AI for SQL tuning can also make it easier for developers to work more effectively in a CI environment where they are working in short agile sprints. With around 83% of new structured data coming from e-commerce and other transactional applications, the level of importance of tuning SQL statements is clear.

What does PK mean in database?

Primary key (PK) – value which uniquely identifies every row in the table. Foreign keys (FK) – values match a primary or alternate key inherited from some other table. Alternate Keys (AK) – key associated with one or more columns whose values uniquely identify every row in the table, but which is not the primary key.

What is AI in MySQL?

Auto-increment allows a unique number to be generated automatically when a new record is inserted into a table.

What is MySQL unsigned?

The “unsigned” in MySQL is a data type. Whenever we write an unsigned to any column that means you cannot insert negative numbers. Suppose, for a very large number you can use unsigned type. The maximum range with unsigned int is 4294967295.

What does UN mean in SQL?

– UN: unsigned (for integer types, see docs: “10.2. Numeric Types”)

How do I view table structures in MySQL workbench?

To open, right-click a table in the object browser of the Navigator pane and choose Table Inspector from the context menu. The Table Inspector shows information related to the table.

How do I change the default value in MySQL workbench?

To change the name, data type, default value, or comment of a column, double-click the value to edit it. You can also add column comments to the Column Comment field. It is also possible to set the column collation, using the list in the Column Details panel.

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