What is MySQL query plan?

What is query plan in MySQL?

A query on a huge table can be performed without reading all the rows; a join involving several tables can be performed without comparing every combination of rows. The set of operations that the optimizer chooses to perform the most efficient query is called the “query execution plan”, also known as the EXPLAIN plan.

What is a query plan in SQL?

A query plan (or query execution plan) is a sequence of steps used to access data in a SQL relational database management system. … When a query is submitted to the database, the query optimizer evaluates some of the different, correct possible plans for executing the query and returns what it considers the best option.

What is explain query plan?

The EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN SQL command is used to obtain a high-level description of the strategy or plan that SQLite uses to implement a specific SQL query. Most significantly, EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN reports on the way in which the query uses database indices.

How do I read a MySQL query plan?

To view a visual explain execution plan, execute your query from the SQL editor and then select Execution Plan within the query results tab. The execution plan defaults to Visual Explain , but it also includes a Tabular Explain view that is similar to what you see when executing EXPLAIN in the MySQL client.

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What is query cost MySQL?

One component you should look at is “query cost.” Query cost refers to how expensive MySQL considers this particular query in terms of the overall cost of query execution, and is based on many different factors. Simple queries generally have query cost of less than 1,000.

How do I plan a MySQL database?

Follow these steps to decide how to organize your data into tables:

  1. Name your database. …
  2. Identify the objects. …
  3. Define and name a table for each object. …
  4. Identify the attributes for each object. …
  5. Define and name columns for each separate attribute that you identify in Step 4. …
  6. Identify the primary key.

How do you plan a query?

When planning a query that uses more than one table, take these four steps:

  1. Pinpoint exactly what you want to know. …
  2. Identify every type of information you want included in your query results. …
  3. Locate the fields you want to include in your query. …
  4. Determine the criteria the information in each field needs to meet.

How do I make a query plan?

Use SQL Server Profiler

  1. Start SQL Server Profiler.
  2. In the File menu, select New Trace.
  3. In the Events Section tab, check Show all events.
  4. Expand the Performance node.
  5. Select Showplan XML.
  6. Execute the query you want to see the query plan for.
  7. Stop the trace. …
  8. Select the query plan in the grid.

How do you buy a query plan?

Query plans may only be purchased from the FMCSA Clearinghouse website by registered employers. Employers can choose a query plan that fits their business needs. C/TPAs cannot purchase query plans on behalf of an employer.

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How do you read a query plan?

Query Execution Plans are typically read right to left top to bottom. There is also arrows between operations which represent the data flowing between the objects. The thickness of the arrow also indicates how much data is being processed.

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