What is message window in SQL?

How do I close the message window in SQL?

Press Ctrl-R in the “Press short cut keys” text box. You may need to do this both for Global and SQL Query Editor.

What does F12 do in SQL?

SSMS: The Query Window Keyboard Shortcuts

SSMS …Toggle the full-screen display Shift+Alt+Enter
(SQL Prompt) Navigate … Script object as ALTER F12
… Execute current statement Shift+F5
… Code Snippets Manager Ctrl+K,Ctrl+B
… Select in Object Explorer Ctrl+F12

How do I display the results window in SQL Server?

Sql And Me

In this version you need to use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R to show/hide query results pane.

What is query window in SQL?

The Query Window is where the SQL query or SQL statements are defined in order to retrieve specific information from the relational source. It also shows the data that was extracted via the particular SQL Query that was written and executed.

How do I get rid of completion time?

Go to Tools > Options > Query Execution > SQL Server > Advanced. Now uncheck the Show Completion Time checkbox. That’s it. It is that simple to disable the Completion Time in Messages.

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How do I see SQL results?

In the Options dialog box, expand Query Results, expand SQL Server and then select Results to Text tab as shown in the snippet below. In the right side panel first select the checkbox for Display results in a separate tab and then select the checkbox for Switch to results tab after the query executes and then click OK.

What is Ctrl L in SSMS?

Ctrl+J. Intellisense – List Members. Ctrl+L. Query – Display Estimated Execution Plan. Ctrl+M.

What does Ctrl F5 do in SSMS?

Execute Scripts in SQL Server Management Studio

Now lets move on and see how to execute scripts using the shortcut keys. If you want to parse all the scripts without executing them in the current query window, simply press CTRL+F5 or you can select some lines of code to be parsed then press CTRL+F5.

What does F6 do in SQL?

F6 — Switch between query and result panes. Shift+F6 — Switch panes.

How do I get to the results pane?

To open the results pane, open or create a query or view or return a table’s data. If the results pane doesn’t show by default, from the Query Designer menu, point to Pane, and then click Results.

How do I run a SQL query without displaying results?

12 Answers

  1. open a new query.
  2. in the menu select Query / Query options.
  3. select the Results pane.
  4. check the “discard result after execution”
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