What data types are supported by SQL using MySQL software application?

What are the datatypes supported in SQL?

Data types in SQL Server are organized into the following categories:

  • Exact numerics. Unicode character strings.
  • Approximate numerics. Binary strings.
  • Date and time. Other data types.
  • Character strings.
  • bigint. numeric.
  • bit. smallint.
  • decimal. smallmoney.
  • int. tinyint.

What is datatype in MySQL?

A Data Type specifies a particular type of data, like integer, floating points, Boolean, etc. It also identifies the possible values for that type, the operations that can be performed on that type, and the way the values of that type are stored.

What are ten different data types MySQL provides?

10.2. Numeric Types

  • Integer Types. MySQL supports the SQL standard integer types INTEGER (or INT ) and SMALLINT . …
  • Floating-Point (Approximate-Value) Types. The FLOAT and DOUBLE types represent approximate numeric data values. …
  • Fixed-Point (Exact-Value) Types. …
  • Bit-Value Type. …
  • Numeric Type Attributes.

What are the 5 data types?

Most modern computer languages recognize five basic categories of data types: Integral, Floating Point, Character, Character String, and composite types, with various specific subtypes defined within each broad category.

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What data type is year in SQL?

If you need to store a year in the database, you would either want to use an Integer datatype (if you are dead set on only storing the year) or a DateTime datatype (which would involve storing a date that basically is 1/1/1990 00:00:00 in format).

What are the 3 categories of MySQL data types?

In MySQL there are three main data types: string, numeric, and date and time.

What are the types of data type?

data type

Data Type Used for Example
String Alphanumeric characters hello world, Alice, Bob123
Integer Whole numbers 7, 12, 999
Float (floating point) Number with a decimal point 3.15, 9.06, 00.13
Character Encoding text numerically 97 (in ASCII, 97 is a lower case ‘a’)

What are the MySQL data types give examples?

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  • Numeric Data Type Syntax.
  • Fixed-Point Types (Exact Value) – DECIMAL, NUMERIC.
  • Floating-Point Types (Approximate Value) – FLOAT, DOUBLE.
  • Bit-Value Type – BIT.
  • Numeric Type Attributes.
  • Out-of-Range and Overflow Handling.

What is BLOB data type in MySQL?

A BLOB is a binary large object that can hold a variable amount of data. The four BLOB types are TINYBLOB , BLOB , MEDIUMBLOB , and LONGBLOB . … They have the binary character set and collation, and comparison and sorting are based on the numeric values of the bytes in column values.

What is data type what are main objectives of data types in MySQL?

A database table contains multiple columns with specific data types such as numeric or string. MySQL provides more data types other than just numeric and string.

MySQL numeric data types.

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Numeric Types Description
BIGINT A large integer
DECIMAL A fixed-point number
FLOAT A single-precision floating point number
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