Should I learn core PHP or laravel?

Should I learn PHP or Laravel?

I would definitely learn php. I cant imagine not learning php before using Laravel or any other framework. Laravel isnt a replacement for php, its a framework providing some basic structure and common features for you application for you to build upon, in php.

Which is better core PHP or Laravel?

Building a simple blog doesn’t require lots of tools, therefore Core PHP is the best and time-saving choice. Laravel framework is used for more complex solutions. Before using Laravel web developers need to configure this framework, choose development patterns and functionality they want to include in an app.

Is Laravel better than PHP?

Conclusion. PHP vs Laravel are both well-suited frameworks for building PHP based web apps with effective solutions. With PHP, the development solutions might comparatively be more straightforward, and on the other hand, Laravel offers more variety in terms of tools and resources, making it reliable.

Can you learn Laravel without knowing PHP?

NO. Your learning curve may be a little steeper, but you can start learning PHP frameworks without extensive knowledge of PHP. With every programming language, knowing the syntax is not enough, you need to work with the language to be proficient with it.

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Can I learn Laravel before PHP?

To begin learning any modern PHP framework (Laravel, Symfony, or others), you need to be good at PHP. … You will then have a better understanding of PHP which will allow you to use the Laravel internal functions more efficiently. Also, Composer, a tool that, in my opinion, made PHP great again.

Is Laravel pure PHP?

For the backend part of web development, Laravel vs PHP are both backend frameworks that are best used to develop web apps. Both frameworks provide quality and are robust. PHP is a primary scripting language, and Laravel is a fully-structured PHP based framework.

Is Core PHP enough for backend?

For over two decades now, PHP has solidified a reputation as a solid programming language for the back-end. PHP programmer salary expenses tend to be lower than comparable choices for back-end programming. In addition, multiple, free, open sources choices for web frameworks make it an ideal language for developers.

Is laravel easy?

Laravel is considered to have a short learning curve, especially if you’re already familiar with PHP. Even when stuck, the community is really helpful and there are a plethora of resources to help you learn Laravel from scratch, from podcasts and videos to written tutorials.

Is PHP front end or backend?

PHP is a programming language for back end development only. JavaScript, in turn, was initially designed as a front end development language. … Today, you can develop the entire app with JavaScript, both client side and server side.

Is laravel more secure than PHP?

TL;DR: Laravel makes your applications more secure by default, which makes it the recommended PHP framework for mission-critical applications. In this article, we will briefly address how Laravel can help you create mission-critical, production-ready applications.

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What should I do after core PHP?

Advanced Topics

  1. AJAX (this is placed here because it is a client/server topic, not because it is advanced…)
  2. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  3. Security issues.
  4. Source Control Management (SCM) -> (e.g. git, etc.)
  5. Model View Controller (MVC) software architecture.
  6. PHP Frameworks (Zend Framework, Symphony, CakePHP, Agavi)
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