Quick Answer: Which keyword is used to declare an interface in Java Mcq?

Which of these keywords is used to define interfaces in Java Mcq?

Which of these keywords is used by a class to use an interface defined previously? Explanation: interface is inherited by a class using implements. 5.

Which is correct about Java interface Mcq?

Q) Which is correct option about java interface? Object of an interface cannot be created. An interface can extend another interface.

What does an interface contain in java?

Interfaces in Java

In the Java programming language, an interface is a reference type, similar to a class, that can contain only constants, method signatures, default methods, static methods, and nested types. Method bodies exist only for default methods and static methods.

Which is true statement about an interface in java?

1) An interface can contain following type of members. ….public, static, final fields (i.e., constants) …. default and static methods with bodies 2) An instance of interface can be created. 3) A class can implement multiple interfaces. 4) Many classes can implement the same interface.

What is need interface?

Why do we use interface ? It is used to achieve total abstraction. Since java does not support multiple inheritance in case of class, but by using interface it can achieve multiple inheritance . It is also used to achieve loose coupling. Interfaces are used to implement abstraction.

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What do you mean by interfaces?

1a : the place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and act on or communicate with each other the man-machine interface. b : the means by which interaction or communication is achieved at an interface. 2 : a surface forming a common boundary of two bodies, spaces, or phases an oil-water interface.

What is true constructor?

What is true about constructor? Explanation: Constructor returns a new object with variables defined as in the class. Instance variables are newly created and only one copy of static variables are created. … Explanation: No instance can be created of abstract class.

Can an interface have static methods?

Static Methods in Interface are those methods, which are defined in the interface with the keyword static. … Similar to Default Method in Interface, the static method in an interface can be defined in the interface, but cannot be overridden in Implementation Classes.

Which of the following is correct about interface?

Which of the following statements is correct about an interface?

1) An interface can be implemented by multiple classes in the same program.
3) The functions declared in an interface have a body
4) A class that implements an interface can explicitly implement members of that interface.

WHAT CAN interfaces hold?

Variables declared in an interface are by default public , static and final by default. So you can use interfaces to define constants. Variable declared inside Interface are public, static, final(by default) making it not an instance variable for Interface.

Can we declare an interface as final?

No, we can not declare interface as final . Interface in Java is similar to a class but it contains only abstract methods and fields, which are final and static . Since all the methods are abstract ; therefore, we cannot instantiate interface.

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What is interface explain with example?

An interface is a programming structure/syntax that allows the computer to enforce certain properties on an object (class). For example, say we have a car class and a scooter class and a truck class.

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