Quick Answer: How do I truncate a timestamp in SQL Server?

How do I truncate a timestamp in SQL?

To remove the unwanted detail of a timestamp, feed it into the DATE_TRUNC(‘[interval]’, time_column) function.

How do I truncate a timestamp from a date in SQL Server?

Here are the most common.

  1. The correct way (new since Sql Server 2008): cast(getdate() As Date)
  2. The correct way (old): dateadd(dd, datediff(dd,0, getDate()), 0) …
  3. The fast way: cast(floor(cast(getdate() as float)) as datetime) …
  4. The wrong way: cast(convert(char(11), getdate(), 113) as datetime)

How do I select only a date without time in SQL?

However, if you want to get just the current date – not the date and the time – you can use the CAST() function. This function takes any expression or any column name as the first argument. Then you use the keyword AS and enter the new data type to return.

How do I shorten a date in SQL?

For the example above, you can use: SELECT CAST(getdate() AS date); Or you can cast it to varchar: SELECT CAST(getdate() AS varchar(10));


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Style How it’s displayed
104 dd.mm.yyyy
105 dd-mm-yyyy
110 mm-dd-yyyy
111 yyyy/mm/dd

How do I trunc a timestamp?

select TRUNC(TO_DATE(’22-AUG-13′), ‘YEAR’) from dual; select TRUNC(to_timestamp(‘2013-08-22 06:00:00′,’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’), ‘YEAR’) from dual; Both of the above return the same result. The TIMESTAMP data type is an extension of the DATE data type.

How do I truncate a value in SQL?


  1. If this value is positive, that many of the least significant digits (to the right of the decimal point) are truncated: truncate(123.456,2) returns 123.450 .
  2. If this value is negative, that many of the least significant digits to the left of the decimal point are truncated: truncate(123.456,-1) returns 120.000 .

How do I truncate a date and time?

Step 1: Highlight the cells to remove time from date. Step 2: Then right-click on it and choose Format Cells… Step 3:-Then in the Format Cells box select Date in Category and select *14-03-2012 in Type, and then click Ok. After that time is removed from the date.

What happens when you truncate a table?

TRUNCATE TABLE removes all rows from a table, but the table structure and its columns, constraints, indexes, and so on remain. To remove the table definition in addition to its data, use the DROP TABLE statement. … A TRUNCATE TABLE operation can be rolled back.

How do I get the current year in SQL?

Just run these SQL queries one by one to get the specific element of your current date/time:

  1. Current year: SELECT date_part(‘year’, (SELECT current_timestamp));
  2. Current month: SELECT date_part(‘month’, (SELECT current_timestamp));
  3. Current day: SELECT date_part(‘day’, (SELECT current_timestamp));
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How do I get current date and time in SQL query?

GETDATE() function returns the current Date and Time from the system on which the Sql Server is installed/running. Basically it derives the value from the operating system of the computer on which the Sql Server instance is running. The value returned from the GETDATE() function is of the type DATETIME.

What is current timestamp in SQL?

The CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function returns the current timestamp of the operating system of the server on which the SQL Server Database runs. The returned timestamp is a DATETIME value without the time zone offset. The CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is the ANSI SQL equivalent to GETDATE() .

How do I format a date in YYYY-MM-DD in SQL?

How to get different date formats in SQL Server

  1. Use the SELECT statement with CONVERT function and date format option for the date values needed.
  2. To get YYYY-MM-DD use this T-SQL syntax SELECT CONVERT(varchar, getdate(), 23)
  3. To get MM/DD/YY use this T-SQL syntax SELECT CONVERT(varchar, getdate(), 1)

How do you format a date in SQL query?

SQL Server comes with the following data types for storing a date or a date/time value in the database:

  1. DATE – format YYYY-MM-DD.
  2. DATETIME – format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.
  4. TIMESTAMP – format: a unique number.

How do I insert date in YYYY-MM-DD format in SQL?

Before the INSERT statement, the DATEFORMAT command is executed with DMY option which notifies SQL Server that the values of Dates will be in dd/MM/yyyy format.

  1. DMY – dd/MM/yyyy. Ex: 13/06/2018.
  2. YDM – yyyy/dd/MM. Ex: 2018/13/06.
  3. MDY – MM/dd/yyyy. Ex: 06/13/2018.
  4. YMD – yyyy/MM/dd. Ex: 2018/06/13.
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