Quick Answer: How do I export and import a stored procedure in SQL Server?

How do I export a stored procedure to a text file?

3 Answers

  1. Right Click Database in Object Explorer.
  2. Tasks -> Generate Scripts.
  3. If given the “tutorial” click Next.
  4. Select “Select specific database objects” and tick “Stored Procedures”. Click Next.
  5. Choose export method. …
  6. Click Next and Finish buttons as required.

How do I script all stored procedures in SQL Server?

Option 1: Use the scripting wizard Right-click the db –> tasks –> Generate scripts –> go through the wizard. Option 2: Open the stored procedures folder in SSMS (in the object explorer details window) You can use shift click to select all the stored procedures and you can then right_click and script them to a file.

How do I insert a stored procedure?

To execute this stored procedure, we can either use EXEC statement as explained above or right click the stored procedure and choose Execute Stored Procedure… option. This will bring Execute Procedure dialog box with equal number of rows and value textbox as the stored procedure parameters.

How do I save a stored procedure?

To save the modifications to the procedure definition, on the Query menu, click Execute. To save the updated procedure definition as a Transact-SQL script, on the File menu, click Save As. Accept the file name or replace it with a new name, and then click Save.

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How do I copy a stored procedure?

Solution 1

  1. Go the server in Management Studio.
  2. Select the database, right click on it Go to Task.
  3. Select generate scripts option under Task.
  4. and once its started select the desired stored procedures you want to copy.

How do I export all stored procedures?

Export Stored Procedure in SQL Server

  1. In the Object Explorer, right-click on your database.
  2. Select Tasks from the context menu that appears.
  3. Select the Generate Scripts command.

How do you script multiple stored procedures?

1 Answer

  1. Right click the database in Management Studio and click on Task.
  2. Click on Generate Scripts.
  3. In the dialog that comes up, click next as you specify the right options.
  4. Select the checkbox for “Stored Procedures”
  5. Select All the required stored procedures.
  6. Select option to generate script to a new window or file.

How do I find stored procedures in SQL Server?

Click on your database and expand “Programmability” and right click on “Stored Procedures” or press CTRL+N to get new query window. You can write the SELECT query in between BEGIN and END to get select records from the table.

How do I backup a SQL stored procedure?

In all cases, it is recommended to have a FULL backup of your DB.

  1. Run SQL management Stuido > connect DB instance & Right Click DB.
  2. Select Tasks > Generate Scripts. …
  3. Select DB & Continue to the next screen.
  4. Select Store Procedures.
  5. From the list, select the stored procedure you require a backup.

Can we use insert statement in stored procedure?

The SELECT SQL statement is used to fetch rows from a database table. The INSERT statement is used to add new rows to a table. … The following SQL stored procedure is used insert, update, delete, and select rows from a table, depending on the statement type parameter.

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What are SQL procedures?

What is a procedure in SQL? A procedure in SQL (often referred to as stored procedure), is a reusable unit that encapsulates the specific business logic of the application. A SQL procedure is a group of SQL statements and logic, compiled and stored together to perform a specific task.

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