Question: How do I know if PHP IMAP is enabled?

How do I know if I have IMAP installed?

2 Answers. telnet <servername> imap and/or telnet <servername> imaps . If you get answers then you have IMAP from the Internet. You can also look if it is available only on your server by telnet localhost imap and/or telnet localhost imaps .

How do I know if I have IMAP enabled in PHP?

First, you need to check whether PHP IMAP is installed or not. lets check with phpinfo() function.

Enable IMAP in Linux

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Run below command. sudo apt-get install php5-imap.
  3. To enable IMAP you can run below command. sudo php5enmod imap.
  4. Restart apache server with the following command.

How do I test IMAP 993?

IMAP via SSL using port 993:

  1. connect to a mail server using openssl : # openssl s_client -showcerts -connect -servername
  2. Check output and make sure that a valid certificate is shown: Server certificate. …
  3. Make sure that you received IMAP server response:

What is PHP IMAP?

PHP-IMAP is a wrapper for common IMAP communication without the need to have the “native” php-imap module installed / enabled. … You can enable the php-imap module in order to handle edge cases, improve message decoding quality and is required if you want to use legacy protocols such as pop3.

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How do I enable IMAP extension in cPanel?

How to Enable/Disable PHP Extensions From cPanel? Print

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Locate Select PHP version and click on it.
  3. Choose your desired PHP version and click on Set as Current. …
  4. To set the PHP extensions, Click on Switch to PHP settings.
  5. Click on the extension you wish to change, enter the value and save the settings.

How do I find my IMAP port?

To find the port numbers of a POP3 or IMAP email account in Outlook, please do as follows:

  1. Click File > Info >Account Settings > Account Settings.
  2. In the Account Settings dialog box, please select the specified email account whose port numbers you will find under the Email tab, and click the Change button.

How do I Telnet to IMAP?

You can use TELNET via a command prompt to confirm. For IMAP check port 143 and if using SSL then check port 993.

Test IMAP connection:

  1. Start a command prompt.
  2. Enter TELNET {webserver} port e.g. TELNET exchangesrvr01 143.
  3. Enter . …
  4. Enter . …
  5. Press CTRL + ] and then QUIT to Exit.

How do I get an SSL certificate for my mail server?

Webmail Certificate

Go to “Websites and Domains” Select “SSL/TLS Certificates” Select a certificate you want to use. Click on “Secure Webmail”

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