How do you select multiple items in JavaScript?

How do you select multiple objects in JavaScript?

You can also simultaneously select non-adjacent objects. To do this, click , and then hold down the Shift or Ctrl key as you click each object that you want to select. Similarly, you can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to remove objects from a group of selected objects.

How do you select multiple values?

Selecting multiple options vary in different operating systems and browsers:

  1. For windows: Hold down the control (ctrl) button to select multiple options.
  2. For Mac: Hold down the command button to select multiple options.

How do you select multiple items in an array?

Selecting multiple values in HTML depends on operating system and browser.

  1. For window users – hold down + CTRL key to select multiple option.
  2. For mac users – hold down command key to select multiple option.

How do I show selected items in multiple select boxes?

We can select the multiple options in the dropdown list using the multiple attribute.

There are several ways in JavaScript to return the selected values in a multi-select dropdown.

  1. Using for…of statement. …
  2. Using filter() with map() function. …
  3. Using selectedOptions property. …
  4. Using querySelectorAll() method.
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How do I drag all select?

Drag-selecting multiple objects

  1. Imagine a rectangle that encloses only the objects you want to select.
  2. Click at one corner of the rectangle and, while continuing to press the mouse button, drag until you have enclosed all the objects.
  3. Release the mouse button.

How can select multiple values in jQuery?

With jQuery, you can use the . val() method to get an array of the selected values on a multi-select dropdown list.

How do I select multiple values in a drop-down list?

To select multiple options in a drop-down list, use the multiple properties. It allows you to select more than one option while pressing CTRL key.

How do I select multiple values in a dropdown using selenium?

Select select = new Select(<WebElement object>); You must pass the dropdown or multi-select element object as shown in the above code else it’ll cause the compile-time error in Eclipse IDE. You can get more clarity on using the <Select> class, just look at the below Java code. WebElement dropdown = driver.

How do you select more than one item in a list?

To select multiple items in a list, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key. Then click on your desired items to select. All of the items you have selected should be highlighted with a different-colored background. Note: Be sure to hold the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key down while selecting multiple items.

How do you select multiple items in Microstation?

To select elements: Use the Element Selection tool (pointer) to select an individual element, or select the tools and drag a rectangle (window) around multiple elements. While selecting elements, hold the <CTRL> key to add elements to a selection set or deselect an already-selected element.

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How do I select multiple items from a drop down list in Google Sheets?

Select the cell you want to fill with multiple items from your validation range. Go to Scripts > Multi-select for this cell… and the sidebar should open, showing a checklist of valid items. Tick the items you want and click the ‘Set’ button to fill your cell with those selected items, comma separated.

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