How do I select data between two months in SQL?

How do I select months between two dates in SQL?

SQL Query 2

  2. @start DATE = ‘20120201’
  3. , @end DATE = ‘20120405’
  4. ;WITH Numbers (Number) AS.
  6. SELECT DATENAME(MONTH,DATEADD(MONTH, Number – 1, @start)) Name,MONTH(DATEADD(MONTH, Number – 1, @start)) MonthId.
  7. FROM Numbers.

How do I get the difference between two months in SQL?

The formula can be explained like this:

  1. The difference in months as output by DATEDIFF(m, …, …)
  2. Plus the day of the last date divided by the number of days in that month.
  3. Minus the day of the first date divided by the number of days in that month.

How do I select months in SQL?

The EXTRACT() function returns a number which represents the month of the date. The EXTRACT() function is a SQL standard function supported by MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. If you use SQL Server, you can use the MONTH() or DATEPART() function to extract the month from a date.

How do I select 12 months in SQL?

So for your example you could use the following: ;WITH months(MonthNumber) AS ( SELECT 0 UNION ALL SELECT MonthNumber+1 FROM months WHERE MonthNumber < 12 ) select * from months; In my version the months is the name of the result set that you are producing and the monthnumber is the value.

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How do you find the difference between two dates and months and days in SQL?

Here is an example to get the years, months and days between two dates.

  1. Declare@dateofbirthdatetime.
  2. Declare@currentdatetimedatetime.
  3. Declare@yearsvarchar(40)
  4. Declare@monthsvarchar(30)
  5. Declare@daysvarchar(30)
  6. set@dateofbirth=’1986-03-15′–birthdate.
  7. set@currentdatetime =getdate()–current datetime.

How do I find the difference between two dates?

Approach 1:

  1. Define two dates using new Date().
  2. Calculate the time difference of two dates using date2. getTime() – date1. getTime();
  3. Calculate the no. of days between two dates, divide the time difference of both the dates by no. of milliseconds in a day (1000*60*60*24)
  4. Print the final result using document. write().

How do I get current date in SQL?

To get the current date and time in SQL Server, use the GETDATE() function. This function returns a datetime data type; in other words, it contains both the date and the time, e.g. 2019-08-20 10:22:34 . (Note: This function doesn’t take any arguments, so you don’t have to put anything in the brackets.)

How do I convert a date to month and year in SQL?

For example: DECLARE @Year int = 900, @Month int = 1, @Day int = 1; SELECT CONVERT(date,CONVERT(varchar(50),(@Year*10000 + @Month*100 + @Day)),112);

How do I get last 12 months data in SQL?

How to Get Last 12 Months Sales Data in SQL. mysql> select * from sales where order_date> now() – INTERVAL 12 month; In the above query, we use system function now() to get current datetime. Then we use INTERVAL clause to filter those records where order_date falls after an interval of 12 months before present datetime …

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