How do I copy a MySQL query?

How do I copy a MySQL database?

MySQL COPY Database

  1. First, use the CREATE DATABASE statement to create a new database.
  2. Second, store the data to an SQL file. …
  3. Third, export all the database objects along with its data to copy using the mysqldump tool and then import this file into the new database.

How copy MySQL command line?

MySQL: How to clone a database

  1. Make a dump of your source database: Copy. mysqldump -uroot -p my_project -r my_project.sql. …
  2. Open up a MySQL shell: Copy. mysql -uroot -p.
  3. From the MySQL shell, create a new database and populate it with the dumped data: Copy. …
  4. Create a user and give it permissions to the new database: Copy.

How do I export a MySQL query?

1. Using Command Line

  1. Navigate to the database which has the table you want to export using the following command: USE dbName. Here, dbName must be replaced with the name of your database. …
  2. Select all the data from the table and specify the location of the output file. TABLE tableName INTO OUTFILE ‘path/outputFile.

Can I copy MySQL data directory?

If you are copying the entire database installation, so, all of the databases and the contents of every database, you can just shut down mysqld, zip up your entire MySQL data directory, and copy it to the new server’s data directory.

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How do you copy a database?

Launch the Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio from Object Explorer and expand Databases. Then right-click a database, point to Tasks, and then click Copy Database.

Select database

  1. Move. Move the database to the destination server.
  2. Copy. Copy the database to the destination server.
  3. Source. …
  4. Status. …
  5. Refresh.

How do you create a copy of a database?

To create a copy, use the regular CREATE DATABASE command and provide the “AS COPY OF” clause followed by the source database name. If your database is in the same SQL Azure server you can simply specify the database name otherwise you will need to specify the SQL Azure Server name too such as ServerName. DatabaseName.

How do I check if MySQL is running?

We check the status with the systemctl status mysql command. We use the mysqladmin tool to check if MySQL server is running. The -u option specifies the user which pings the server. The -p option is a password for the user.

How do I copy a table in MySQL?

How to Duplicate a Table in MySQL

  1. CREATE TABLE new_table AS SELECT * FROM original_table; Please be careful when using this to clone big tables. …
  2. CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE original_table; …
  3. INSERT INTO new_table SELECT * FROM original_table;

How do I export an entire MySQL database?


  1. Connect to your database using phpMyAdmin.
  2. From the left-side, select your database.
  3. Click the Export tab at the top of the panel.
  4. Select the Custom option.
  5. You can select the file format for your database. …
  6. Click Select All in the Export box to choose to export all tables.
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Can MySQL export to CSV?

MySQL provides an easy way to export the query’s result into a CSV file that resides in the database server. Before exporting data, you must ensure that: The MySQL server’s process has the write access to the target folder that contains the target CSV file.

How do I export selected rows in MySQL?

Method 1: Data Export MySQL Workbench Feature

  1. First, prepare the query and execute it to get the desired result set.
  2. From the result panel, click on the Export option.
  3. On the save dialog box, enter the file name, choose CSV as the file format, and click the Save button as shown by the image below.
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