How did SQL Slammer work?

How did the SQL Slammer virus work?

Slammer points to its own code as the data to send. The infected computer writes out a new copy of the worm and licks the UDP stamp. After sending off the first tainted packet, Slammer loops around immediately to send another to a different computer. It doesn’t waste a single millisecond.

How much damage did the SQL Slammer do?

During its lifetime in 2003, the SQL worm caused about 1 billion U.S Dollars in damage.

Which malware crashed the Internet in 15 minutes?

2003. The SQL Slammer worm (aka Sapphire worm) attacks vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Structured Query Language Server and Microsoft SQL Server Data Engine and becomes the fastest spreading worm of all time, crashing the Internet within 15 minutes of release.

What did Nimda virus do?

First appearing on September 18, 2001, Nimda is a computer virus that caused traffic slowdowns as it rippled across the Internet, spreading through four different methods, infecting computers containing Microsoft’s Web server, Internet Information Server (IIS), and computer users who opened an e-mail attachment.

How long did SQL Slammer last?

[ Download CIO’s new Roadmap Report on 5G in the enterprise! ] The amazing thing about Slammer was that a patch that closed the vulnerability it exploited had been out for nearly six months. Security researcher David Litchfield and his company, NGSSoftware, had discovered the bug in May 2002.

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