How can I tell if a page is loaded in JavaScript?

Does DOMContentLoaded wait for scripts?

External style sheets don’t affect DOM, so DOMContentLoaded does not wait for them. The reason for this is that the script may want to get coordinates and other style-dependent properties of elements, like in the example above. … As DOMContentLoaded waits for scripts, it now waits for styles before them as well.

What is Load event in JavaScript?

The load event is fired when the whole page has loaded, including all dependent resources such as stylesheets and images. This is in contrast to DOMContentLoaded , which is fired as soon as the page DOM has been loaded, without waiting for resources to finish loading.

Why is DOMContentLoaded not firing?

Solution: There are several reasons it might not fire: It has already fired (before you attached the event handler) and you missed it. You’re running an older version of IE that doesn’t support the DOMContentLoaded event.

How do you know when your Dom is ready?


  1. loading – The document is still loading.
  2. interactive – The document has finished loading and the document has been parsed but sub-resources such as images, stylesheets and frames are still loading.
  3. complete – The document and all sub-resources have finished loading.
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What is addEventListener in JavaScript?

The addEventListener() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript which takes the event to listen for, and a second argument to be called whenever the described event gets fired. Any number of event handlers can be added to a single element without overwriting existing event handlers.

How do I get a script to load after page load?

Run JavaScript code after page load using pure JS and jQuery

  1. Using JavaScript. In pure JavaScript, the standard method to detect a fully loaded page is using the onload event handler property. …
  2. Using jQuery. With jQuery, you can run JavaScript code as soon as the DOM is fully loaded using the .

Is load a DOM event?

Overview of JavaScript page load events

When you open a page, the following events occur in sequence: DOMContentLoaded – the browser fully loaded HTML and completed building the DOM tree. … load – the browser fully loaded the HTML and also external resources like images and stylesheets.

What is the difference between document load event and document DOMContentLoaded event?

The DOMContentLoaded event fires when all the nodes in the page have been constructed in the DOM tree. The load event fires when all resources such as images and sub-frames are loaded completely.

What is DOM load time?

Dom Load Time represents the time from page initialization to the DomContentLoaded event or, for older Internet Explorer browsers, to the time the DOM is “interactive”.

Does document ready wait for scripts?

The only code that needs to wait for document. ready is code that deals with DOM elements that are inserted after the script being executed. document. ready shouldn’t be invoked by scripts that are referenced in the <head> of your site.

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What does $( document .ready function () do?

What is $(document). … The ready() method is used to make a function available after the document is loaded. Whatever code you write inside the $(document ). ready() method will run once the page DOM is ready to execute JavaScript code.

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