Frequent question: How do I make an exact copy of a table in SQL?

How do I create an exact copy of a table in SQL?

To duplicate a table in Query Editor

  1. Make sure you are connected to the database in which you want to create the table and that the database is selected in Object Explorer.
  2. Right-click the table you wish to duplicate, point to Script Table as, then point to CREATE to, and then select New Query Editor Window.

How do I make an exact copy of a table?

Use SHOW CREATE TABLE command to get a CREATE TABLE statement that specifies the source table’s structure, indexes and all. Modify the statement to change the table name to that of the clone table and execute the statement. This way you will have an exact clone table.

How do I copy a table in mysql?

Go to phpMyAdmin and select your original table then select “Operations” tab in the “Copy table to (database. table)” area. Select the database where you want to copy and add a name for your new table.

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How do I copy a table structure and data in SQL Server?

Right-click on the database name, then select “Tasks” > “Export data…” from the object explorer. The SQL Server Import/Export wizard opens; click on “Next”. Provide authentication and select the source from which you want to copy the data; click “Next”. Specify where to copy the data to; click on “Next”.

How do you create a self join in SQL?

To use a self join, the table must contain a column (call it X) that acts as the primary key and a different column (call it Y) that stores values that can be matched up with the values in Column X. The values of Columns X and Y do not have to be the same for any given row, and the value in Column Y may even be null .

How do you fetch intersecting records of two tables?

If you are using SQL Server 2005, then you can use Intersect Key word, which gives you common records. If you want in the output both column1 and column2 from table1 which has common columns1 in both tables. Yes, INNER JOIN will work.

How can I duplicate a table in SQL without data?

The first method is called Simple Cloning and as its name implies it create a table from another table without taking into account any column attributes and indexes.

  1. CREATE TABLE new_table SELECT * FROM original_table;
  2. CREATE TABLE adminUsers SELECT * FROM users;
  3. CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE original_table;

How can we create a table with same structure without data?

CREATE TABLE new_table AS (SELECT * FROM old_table WHERE 1=2); For example: CREATE TABLE suppliers AS (SELECT * FROM companies WHERE 1=2); This would create a new table called suppliers that included all columns from the companies table, but no data from the companies table.

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How do I find an alternate record in SQL?

How to get the alternate rows or records from table in sql server

  1. ;WITH PRS (Name, Gender, R)
  2. AS.

How do I copy a table structure from one database to another in MySQL?

CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE old_table; INSERT new_table SELECT * FROM old_table; If you want to copy a table from one database to another database: CREATE TABLE destination_db. new_table LIKE source_db.

What is the Copy command in MySQL?

MySQL copy or clone database is a feature that allows us to create a duplicate copy of an existing database, including the table structure, indexes, constraints, default values, etc. Making a duplicate copy of an original database into a new database is very useful when accidentally our database is lost or failure.

How do I copy a column in MySQL?

First, you’ll create a new column to the table as needed: ALTER TABLE `tablename` ADD `column2` TEXT NOT NULL; Then you’ll simply execute an UPDATE query to duplicate/copy the column over to the new column: UPDATE `table` SET `column2` = `column1`;

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