Best answer: How do you multiply double and integer in Java?

Can we multiply double and int in Java?

You can: round it Math. round(…) or use BigDecimal if you need high precision.

What happens when you multiply a double with an int?

When one operand is an int and the other is a double, Java creates a new temporary value that is the double version of the int operand. For example, suppose that we are adding dd + ii where ii is an int variable. … Java creates a temporary value 3.0 that is the corresponding double value.

Can you multiply different data types in Java?

Their types matter. double is an 8 bytes types and float is a 4 bytes type. Hence, to multiply a double and a float , you promote the variable of the smaller type ( float ) to the larger type ( double ). If you are multiplying a Double with a Float , they will be unboxed to double and float .

What does double do in Java?

Java double is used to represent floating-point numbers. It uses 64 bits to store a variable value and has a range greater than float type.

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Can we multiply int with float in Java?

One cast is enough. If I multiply a float and an int , is the answer a float ? Yes it is.

Can a double be divided by an int?

If either operand is a double, you’ll get floating point arithmetic. If both operands are ints, you’ll get integer arithmetic. 3.5/3 is double/int, so you get a double. 1/12 is int/int, so you get an int.


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What is double and double in Java?

Double is a class. double is a key word used to store integer or floating point number. Post by: ankur rathi , Ranch Hand. Jan 31, 2008 04:32:00. double is primitive and Double is wrapper class.

How do you multiply without using Java?

Here is the source code of the Java Program to Multiply two numbers without using the multiplication(*) operator.

  1. public class P4 {
  2. int a1,a2,sum=0,i; System.out.println(“Enter the two numbers :”);
  3. a1=cs.nextInt(); a2=cs.nextInt(); for(i=1;i

How do you import math random?

How to use the Math. random() method in Java

  1. import java. lang. Math; //importing Math class in Java.
  2. class MyClass {
  3. public static void main(String args[])
  4. {
  5. double rand = Math. random(); // generating random number.
  6. System. out. …
  7. }

How do you multiply and divide in Java?

Since most keyboards don’t have the times and division symbols you learned in grammar school, Java uses * to mean multiplication and / to mean division. The syntax is straightforward as you see below. Floats and doubles are multiplied and divided in exactly the same way.

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What is the biggest data type in Java?

The largest integer number that a long type can represent is 9223372036854775807. If we deal with even larger numbers, we have to use the java.


Type Size Range
byte 8 bits -128 to 127
short 16 bits -32,768 to 32,767
char 16 bits 0 to 65,535
int 32 bits -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647

What is the range of data type in Java?


Type Size Range
byte 8 bits -128 .. 127
short 16 bits -32,768 .. 32,767
int 32 bits -2,147,483,648 .. 2,147,483,647
long 64 bits -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 .. 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
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