Best answer: How do I disable PHP INI OPcache?

How do I turn OPcache off?

Disabling OPcache

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the Software and Services section of the cPanel home screen, click Select PHP Version.
  3. In the list of PHP extensions, clear the opcache check box.
  4. Click Save. OPcache is now disabled. To re-enable OPcache, select the opcache check box, and then click Save.

Should I disable OPcache?

The entire purpose of PHP’s opcache is to speed up your scripts and save CPU by storing compiled PHP scripts in memory. If you’d rather have slower apps and increased CPU usage to save memory, you can disable the opcache.

How do I enable OPcache in PHP?

OPcache can only be compiled as a shared extension. If you have disabled the building of default extensions with –disable-all, you must compile PHP with the –enable-opcache option for OPcache to be available. Once compiled, you can use the zend_extension configuration directive to load the OPcache extension into PHP.

How can I tell if PHP OPcache is enabled?


  1. Check which PHP handler is used by the website at Domains > > PHP Settings > PHP support ( PHP version …) …
  2. Check if Opcache is enabled for the domain at Domains > > PHP Settings > Performance Settings > opcache.enable “on”
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Is OPcache enabled by default?

OPcache is enabled by default which you can see in a phpinfo.

How do I disable cpanel cache?

Sometimes the caching conflicts the website configuration. In such cases, you can also disable the Cachewall for your domain by simply clicking on the “Cachewall” icon under the ‘Software’ section. Locate the domain name you wish to disable caching on and then click the ‘On’ button to toggle the cache off.

How restart PHP service in Linux?

Type the following command as per your web-server.

  1. Restart Apache for php service.
  2. Restart Nginx for php service.
  3. Restart Lighttpd for php service.

How do I use Opcache in PHP?

OPcache is a type of OPcode caching. This kind of caching compiles human-readable PHP code to code your server understands which is called opcode. This occurs when the PHP file loads on a web page for the first time. Then, it’s saved to the server’s memory for faster loading at each subsequent page visit.

How does PHP OPcache improve script performance?

“OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.”

What is PHP FPM service?

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative to FastCGI implementation of PHP with some additional features useful for sites with high traffic. It is the preferred method of processing PHP pages with NGINX and is faster than traditional CGI based methods such as SUPHP or mod_php for running a PHP script.

How do I know if OPcache is working?

To check if the caching engine works properly, just look at the percentages at the “Overview” tab at the opcache-gui page. If the memory usage and hit rate values are greater than zero, it means that the OpCache is caching the PHP code and the cached files are being used to handle the requests.

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What is Realpath_cache_size?

“realpath_cache_size” is used by PHP to cache the real file system paths of filenames referenced instead of looking them up each time. Every time you perform any of the various file functions or include/require a file and use a relative path, PHP has to look up where that file really exists.

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