%LDP-4-PWD: MD5 protection is required!

MPLS LDP messages (discovery, session, advertisement, and notification messages) are exchanged between LDP peers through two channels:

  • LDP discovery messages are transmitted as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets to the well-known LDP port.
  • Session, advertisement, and notification messages are exchanged through a TCP connection established between two LDP peers.

The MPLS LDP—Lossless MD5 Session Authentication feature allows an LDP session to be password-protected without tearing down and reestablishing the LDP session.

Old Style

New Style

R2(config)#mpls ldp neighbor password 123
R2(config-if)#interface Ethernet  1/0
R2(config-if)#  ip address
R2(config-if)#  mpls ip

R2(config)#access-list 99  permit
R2(config)#mpls ldp password required for 99
R2(config)#mpls ldp password option 1 for 99 KC
R2(config)#key chain KC
R2(config-keychain)#key 1
R2(config-keychain-key)#  key-string password
%LDP-5-NBRCHG: LDP Neighbor (1) is UP

The disadvantage of using the old method is that when new password is required for a session,  this change would require the LDP session to be tear down. With this feature New passwords can be implemented/changed  without having to tear down the existing LDP session


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