Change the language on the Phones/CUE – UC520

Changing the Language for the Phones in the UC

Download the UC500 IP Phone Localization @

Save the file in C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\CiscoSMB\Cisco Configuration Assistant\appdata\phoneloads\

Which is specified in the CCA on Configure -> Telephony -> Region : Location of Language Files


Select the Language you need to use, and click apply

Setting the Voice Mail Language

Using WinRAR or similar software, extract file from 


extract all the contents of file into any folder on CCA PC. Copy the cue-vm-de_DE-langpack.ise.7.0.3.prt1 that is available @ to the same folder. 

Go to Maintenance > Software Upgrade window. Select UC500 you want to localize, and

click “Upgrade Settings.”  Select cue-vm-k9.ise.x.x.x.pkg file, click Open 


Click Yes and then Upgrade

 And wait for 40 min

Until everything is completed 

 And save the configuration!

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