Call Manager Express with Dynamips.

With this easy steps you can have running Call Manager Express on your Emulated CME Router !!

The first thing to do, is to extract the content of the CME .ZIP File downloaded from in one folder.

Now we need to compress all the files that are inside this folder (except for the .Tar files that are inside this folder) into a new tar file, and upload this Tar into the CME router.


It´s important to not compress the other tar files into the new .tar created or you will have something like this:


now, each the .TAR files  must be uploaded 1 by 1  into the CME Router.


ok, once you have uploaded all *or at least the one you need * TARs , we are good to test this!

please bear  with me that I am not an expert in CME CLI, so I must use the Wizard *for the moment* to the the basic setup 🙂


and after some test here are there, I found that my DHCP Pool was incorrect, :-P,  so I changed it to use the network, with the correct default Gateway, and the TFTP 150 option manually configured on the IP Phone, and voila, the IP Communicator is here, registered in the CME.




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3 thoughts on “Call Manager Express with Dynamips.

  1. Very interesting lab, can you explain what software do you use to simulate all?


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