3 thoughts on “Multicast with VMWare and GNS3

  1. Hey, nice!

    How did you join a vm with gns3? Do you have any write tutorials on this?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Thank you Heloisa,

    The procedure is to drag two Clouds in GNS3 Working area, configure the first Cloud for VMWare (vmnet1) Network Device and The other Cloud for the local PC or Another VMWare Network device (vmnetx) (to do this in GNS3 you will require Administrator Access).

    Now Put a router, in the working place, I have seen in some particular scenarios that a switch is required (specially for ASAs); now connect the 2 clouds to the Router who will interconnect those 2 (many) subnet together.

    check this Blog for a graphical representation

    Please let me know how it goes for you

    HTH & Have Fun

  3. hello that is awesome what you did
    actually i’m doing the samething but i’m using my own application build with JMF anyway
    i create the application and it work between to vmware machine using the router
    the question is how to configure the multicast in the router
    can you plz share with us the configuration of your router specialy create the group and add user to the group
    thanks in adavance

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