QoS Policy Propagation on BGP (QPPB)

QPPB, allows packets to be classified based on access lists, BGP community lists, and BGP autonomous system (AS) paths.

The supported classification policies include IP Precedence setting and the ability to tag the packet with a QoS class identifier internal to the router. After a packet has been classified, you can use other QoS features, such as committed access rate (CAR) and weighted random early detection (WRED).

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4 thoughts on “QoS Policy Propagation on BGP (QPPB)

  1. Hi there… Good video! I was wondering what sort of software you use for capturing the videoes?


  2. May i ask in what quality you record it, and whether you compress it afterwards in order to make it the right filesize? I have been playing around with it and the recording goes fine, but the file ends up being 300mb in size. I imagine i should keep it smaller somehow. When i compress it, it almost always end up too blurry or something like that.

    Some info would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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