Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS)

Cisco WCS allows you to manage all the WLC in your enterprise network.

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers work in conjunction with Cisco Aironet access
points and the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) to provide system wide wireless LAN functions. As a component  of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the WCS is made up of three primary components:

Solid database engine
Apache web server engine
the Java-based SNMP engine

All three components work together to provide the complete WCS functionality.

The Apache web server is what is called as GUI of the WCS. It provides web interface to the user. SNMP engine on WCS is used to communicate with the WLC. It helps to push the configurations to the WLC and gather logs and traps from the WLC. It uses SNMP protocol for all communications with the WLC. To check if all the three major components of WCS are running and its states, click on Start >Programs > WCS > Status

We connect to the Cisco WCS server by establishing a connection to URL Https://IPADdress, if you connect using http the Cisco WCS will redirect you to https.


after successful login, the Network Summary windows appers.

Adding WLC to the Cisco WCS

You will be prompted with a new scree where you will enter the IP Address/Mask of the managment interface of your WLAN Controller.

Verify that the IP address is the management interface (the interface used by the FIO and the Cisco WCS), and not the AP Manager interface (these is the one used between the WLC and the AP for LWAAP)

You should receive a refreshed screen indicating that you have successfully added the controller

You can click on the green ports, to show statistics of this port.  port 3 in these case is connected to the AP while port 4 is connected to the network infraestructure.

To Review the WLC Configuration using the WCS, select configure,  controllers and a new screen will show the available controllers, and then Click on WLAN in the right side

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