Change Management

Always wanted to know what users are doing in your routers?

You do not have an Cisco ACS or another way to log the user configuration accounting??

then this is for you ! Cisco Link

or as simple as this:

conf ter
log config
logging enable

Now we can see if any user (like cisco in this case) made any configuration in our routers

Router#show archive log config all
idx sess user@line Logged command
1 1 console@console | logging enable
2 0 cisco@vty0 |!exec: enable
3 2 cisco@vty0 |interface Loopback2
4 2 cisco@vty0 | no shutdown
5 2 cisco@vty0 | exit
6 2 cisco@vty0 |router ospf 1
7 2 cisco@vty0 | network area
8 2 cisco@vty0 | exit

This says that this User had turn down a loopback (2) interface, and had configured ospf 1 for all interfaces.

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